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Native software and Java Script writers aren’t usually too keen on building desktop software using JavaScript. But the fact is that most software nowadays is written in Java. Luckily, there is a framework that makes things easier.

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Felix Rieseberg, co-creator of Slack, an ardent fan of productivity and simple applications is an expert at the possibilities this framework allows. He uses his coding skills to build a code editor in the second a part of his presentation: 

Full video from infoShare 2017:


We’re talking Electron here. 

Electron is made up of: Node.js (a solution to build software in Java Script, which runs on different platforms), Chromium (an open source product of the product Chrome most of us know) and C++ (for writing the more ambitious elements). 

You can use Electron to build cross-platform desktop applications and then pack them up for Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s convenient to use as you write mostly in Java and HTML, while C++ stays available for the more difficult parts. It starts as an invisible Node-like process and can create renderer processes, manage inter process communication as well as open multiple processes at the same time.

After an introductory start with pacakage.json (which is a must in npm packages), then it’s just „start”:„electron”,” to kick it off. At the beginning, everything works like in OJS but soon it turns out Electron has additional modules. With a line of command, a Chromium browser window appears and then it’s quite easy to load a file and add stuff inside.
Wow. Just a few lines of code and an editor is ready! Electron is easy to use and really makes things easier.

Felix Rieseberg is a member of an extremely efficient team that’s building Slack for macOS, Windows, and Linux. He also uses and contributes to the framework Electron.  A former Microsoft employee, he now uses his skills to build desktop software that makes working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive.

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