IS Team

We started building infoShare 10 years ago, making it the biggest tech conference in Central-Eastern Europe.

We are a group of professionals experienced with technology, marketing and management thoroughly dedicated to make infoShare the best possible high-quality event for all of our guests.

We are here to help - you can reach us anytime you need!

Meet our team

Grzegorz Borowski

Co-Founder & CEO

Visionary and mastermind - researching, negotiating, impossible to irritate.

Andrzej Kiesz


Top-class perfectionist - always upholding the quality of our actions, especially in IT.

Tomasz Pawul


Last hope event producer – in the hottest few weeks before the event above all.

Marcin Pokojski


Networking specialist - boosting the power of human relations, always positive.

Agnieszka Meller

Head of Startup Relations

Startup Gardener – always looking for THIS special thing that can make startups grow faster.

Martyna Grzegorczyk

Senior Event Manager

Special cases event manager – former archeologist, now digging for problems to shoot off.

Patrycja Zacharzewska

Event Manager

Volo forewoman - planning, supporting, advising and… bringing everybody to heel.

Ewa Siekierska

Communication Manager

Profi event manager – creating content and communicating, PR activist fighting for buzz.

Ewa Kowalewska


Finance guard - checking all the expenses and keeping all the books together.

Pamela Szymaniec

Web Developer & Graphic Designer

Aspiring front-end dev – seeking to get lost in the world of ideas.