Parking gets SMART

Smart Mobility solutions

The winners have been chosen!

The best project for
1. Traveler and Tourists challenge - iteo
2. Local administration challenge - Delta Technologies
3. Open challenge - Flash Park

The Committee decison was to not choose the winner for "Residents" challenge.

Congratulations for all projects!


The best solution in 4 categories will be chosen by experts and mentors. Best ideas will be presented at Infoshare 2022 with 2500 euro gross remuneration per project.



Travellers & Tourists

Local Administration


Best fit

Additionally each of the partner cities may choose the best fit for its needs.

Miasto Gdańsk




Klaipeda public transport authority


Klaipeda public transport authority



Present your brilliant ideas to make parking and mobility smarter for:

1. Residents

Make the life of partner cities’ inhabitants easier and more comfortable when it comes to transport within the city.

Examples of specific challenges:

  • on-demand information on road situation within city boundaries
  • on-demand information on public transport
  • live suggestions on means of transport based on ongoing data analysis

2. Travellers & Tourists

Make the life of tourists and travellers coming to the partner cities easier and more comfortable when it comes to transport within the city.

Examples of specific challenges:

  • access to parking spaces integrated with the public transport network
  • accessible transportation systems
  • on-demand information about traffic in tourist spots

3. Local Administration

Support local administration in the partner cities so they can assist all their residents and incoming people in better access to all city parts.

Examples of specific challenges:

  • traffic data analysis for long-term traffic planning and real-time traffic control
  • lower usage of private vehicles and higher usage of public transportation
  • encouraging the lower carbon footprint

4. Open

If your solution is not a fit for any of the three challenges, but you still think it can solve crucial mobility/transport issues, choose this option.


Read more about the cities' needs.



Gdansk aims to improve the management of municipal parking to better tackle the increased parking demand by citizens & visitors & to reduce parking search traffic & illegal parking. Also, it wants to promote the use of more sustainable transport means to reduce noise & air pollution to improve the quality of city life.



Heringsdorf aims to implement an integrated smart parking solution, which sets a benchmark in terms of multimodality in SBA tourism hot spots. Motivations are a) reduced no. of visitors coming by car, b) less parking search traffic upon visitor’s arrival & c) higher share in the use of bikes, shared cars, or public transport during their stay.



Klaipeda public transport authority (KTT) develops a mobile guidance app with dynamic parking and public transport data to promote park & ride offers. KKT aims to achieve higher share figures for public transport and smart parking solutions in their service area.



Neringa aims to solve the parking problems on its territory, mainly caused by tourists and day visitors coming by car, using the ferry, which is the only way of accessing the municipality. Also, it wants to raise public acceptance for park & ride or other greener transport modes (bike sharing).


Check out the timing of each phase:


End of Application

July 31, 2022

Fill in a registration form and present your product. Make sure to mark the right challenge!


Mentoring Sessions

August 2022

Use the support of mentors, experts, and project cities to adjust your product to their needs.


Solution Presentations

September 8, 2022

Prepare a 3-minute pitch to charm the jury. Use wisely 2 minutes for the Q&As session.


Announcement of Best Solutions

September 8, 2022

Wait for the jury decision and celebrate being one of the 4 best smart mobility projects.


Presentations at Infoshare 2022

October 7, 2022

Get 2500 euro remuneration and join the Infoshare 2022 conference stage to present your product to a wide audience.

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