Startup Contest is coming back to Gdańsk!

There is 30 000 euro in the pool for 3 best startups.
Last year we got almost 700 applications from 50 different countries.
Do not hesitate!


Infoshare Startup Contest

for seed and early stage projects ready to show their game-changing products to investors and businesses looking for innovations.

Boost your startup

Startup Contest takes place every year (from 2014) during Infoshare Conference, allowing the authors of ideas for innovative business and startup companies to appear before investors invited by Organizer and audience of Infoshare conference.

Present your project to the international investors, establish business contacts and compete for the main prize – 20 000 euro in cash. Many opportunities in one Startup Contest.


Contest 2021 Prizes

AWARDS funded by the City of Gdansk

Gdańsk -


20, 000 €


7, 000 €


3, 000 €

Evaluation criteria

Business potential

0-10 points

Show your product and name need(s) it addresses, estimate TAM and declare what is your SOM, present your ideal client(s).


0-10 points

Show who the founders are, present key team members, name who is missing.

Product level of innovation

0-10 points

Prove you are working on a real disruption, show the competition marking all your advantages and their weaknesses.

Performance (semifinals, finals)

0-10 points

Make sure your presentation is the best ever and the jury have no questions to ask as everything is ideally clear.


How to win 20,000, 7000, 3000 euro in cash funded by the City of Gdańsk?


no later than 31.07.2021

Startup Contest application process

Register for Startup Pass and send us your application form with a detailed pitch deck. Based on that we will choose up to 30 best projects going to the Semifinals.


no later than 31.08.2021

Semifinalists announcement

Check our website to see which projects are going to the Infoshare Startup Contest Semifinals held on October 14th 2021.




Get ready to pitch in front of international investors and experts. Make the most of your 5 minutes. From the 30 startups that entered semifinals become one of the 5 projects going to the Final.




Do your best! Only 3-minute pitch and 2-minute Q&A session from jury board to win 20k euro in cash. Being one of the 5 best projects is something, but the winner can be only one.

Startup Contest 2021 Jury

Meet this year edition's judges

Gitte Bedford

Gitte Bedford

Robert Bosch Venture Capital
Michael Rager

Michael Rager

Júlia Sohajda

Júlia Sohajda

Vespucci Partners
Stanislav Ivanov

Stanislav Ivanov

Tera Ventures
Tomasz Mazuryk

Tomasz Mazuryk

FundingBox Deep Tech Fund
Agnieszka Meller

Agnieszka Meller

Grzegorz Borowski

Grzegorz Borowski


Why you should book October 14-15th 2021 for Infoshare

“Infoshare is amazing! It allows you to meet all the startup and entrepreneur from the Polish ecosystem in a couple of days.”

Sebastian Cerone
Cofounder at LESS

“Infoshare offered a great insight what’s happening with Polish start-ups and early-stage investors, really enjoyed the time in Gdansk!”

Tuomas Kosonen
Partner, Inventure

“Infoshare has the magic to connect corporate partners, investors and passionate entrepreneurs(...)”

Kristina Tsvetanova
CEO & Co-founder BLITAB


picture of infoshare's event manager

Agnieszka Meller



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