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The founders stories

Series #1

This series is about startups. In each episode, we talk with the founders and community partners who share their stories, career hacks and future visions.


How to launch and run a MedTech startup?

A conversation with Tomasz Mikosz (FindAir).

In 2019 European Patent Office received 181 406 patent applications. The second top tech field was medical technology. And now in 2020 reality, the innovative solutions for telemedicine and Medtech are flourishing more than ever. Creating a product that can change health care and help people is work with the mission, but also it’s an incredible responsibility. How does it look on the backstage? How the process of idea validation looks? Where MedTech startups can find investors? And how to sell your ideas? In the new episode of Grow with Tech podcast, Wojciech Giżowski talks with Tomasz Mikosz, the founder and CEO of Findair, Polish startup which created an intelligent inhaler for asthma control.

P.S. Did you know that Findair won Startup Contest 2017? Startup Contest 2020 is coming soon, fully online. We are still open for applications, but only till 30th June! If you’re interested in applying, check out here.


Running startup in challengeable times

A conversation with Sebastian Cerone (Less Industries).

It started with a student project. The thought that came up was about connecting intelligent sensors to the network to automate processes. The idea evolved. That's how the startup Less Industries, founded by the Argentinean Sebastian Cerone begun. Today it operates on the markets in Poland, Chile, and Australia. In our conversation, Sebastian talks not only about the new way of using data but also about the challenges that the startup must face running in a new place and in difficult times.