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Infoshare has always been devoted to sharing practical knowledge among professionals. What started off as a modest event held at a university hall, has grown into a year-round celebration of technology.


We believe that technology is changing the world and each aspect of our lives. We promote it in the hope to inspire people to embrace it and come up with their own innovations.
We also create opportunities to network. We connect people, startups, and companies to help them grow stronger together. We also build a trustworthy and caring community for tech-oriented people.

We simply share what is worthy!


Our events

Check out our initiatives of sharing what is worthy.

Infoshare Conference

Our annual Infoshare conference focuses on tech and business. With its substantial speeches delivered by top-notch experts paired with an impressive Expo, Startup Contest, and numerous networking opportunities, it gathers thousands of participants each year. In fact, it is the biggest tech conference in CEE.

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* Infoshare Startup Contest is organized from 2014

Infoshare DEV

Infoshare DEV is a conference created for IT professionals looking for opportunities to develop programming and soft skills. Organized since 2009 in Gdańsk, it attracts over 2000 participants and over 50 partners each edition.

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Infoshare AI conference & meetups

During Infoshare AI, you will explore the secrets of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, learning from experienced developers working for leading global companies.
The Infoshare AI conference and meetups are held in Polish.

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Tech3camp is a widely recognized series of meetups for the IT community in the Tri-City.
With substantial speeches delivered by representatives of the local community and networking, each meetup attracts over 100 people both online and offline.

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Jarek Jarzębowski

Nexocode/HR Espresso

"I think this is definitely one of the most interesting events around technology in Poland, but also at a level that is definitely comparable to what's happening in the world (...)

Janina Bąk

"It is worth to be here because we can make use of a lot of elements: we can talk to the exhibitors, we can listen to lectures on marketing and technology, we can listen to both Polish and foreign experts."

Erika Cheung

Theranos whistleblower

"I think events like this are important, it's important to be able to get perspective on things you might be missing (...) where you have this common theme and interest of technology, of innovation, of business."

Dr Jules Hammond

CEO & Co-founder of BeFC

"I am really impressed with this exhibition. I've been to many exhibitions in my life, and this is really diverse mix of people, different technologies, innovations, and backgrounds. This event (Infoshare) really is a hub for technology and innovation."

Mateusz Kurleto


"Speeches at Infoshare are always very substantive. Here, you can not only find inspiring examples, but also genuinely broaden your knowledge in development or marketing. You can come here to look for inspiration, to see what's new in the world of technology and young entrepreneurs."

Rob Smedley

Formula 1 Data Science

"I think Infoshare 2021 is absolutely great. I'm meeting a lot of really cool people, seeing a lot of cool stores, stands, a lot of tech and startup businesses that are emerging and coming on into the market. I really love this type of conferences."

Robin Wauters

"Infoshare gives a sort of a view on what is happening (...) It's like a "crash course" in what is happening in Poland and the CEE region. This is a good place to come, I've spent 2 days learning about the market."

Stefan Batory

founder of Booksy

"What I love about Infoshare is that I always come here to listen to others, get inspired by their stories and I always leave with a new dose of energy. [...] I definitely recommend it! This is my favorite conference in Poland."

Vitaly Friedman

Smashing Magazine

"It has this vibrant tech and IT community around it. So every time I’m here it feels like there’s a lot of energy happening. Just to see people sharing, discussing, figuring out what to do, and being very inspired at the same time gives a really strong sense of community that's really present here."

Media about us

“Infoshare is amazing! It allows you to meet all the startup and entrepreneur from the Polish ecosystem in a couple of days.”

Business Insider

“Infoshare - a celebration of the digital world”

Computer World

“There is no such accumulation of knowledge and inspiration anywhere else”


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