Great Networking Party

The name speaks for itself: the Great Networking Party gathers over 1000 attendees each year.

Available for: Networker, Executive, Startup and Investor Passes holders

Networking isn’t always about neckties and business cards. If there’s a time and place for laid-back networking at Infoshare, this is it!

The Great Networking Party features a concert by BARANOVSKI, one of the most interesting artists on the Polish pop music scene. He has performed on almost all major festival stages in the country. He has received Gold and Platinum records for both albums released so far, as well as Diamond and Platinum records for his singles. After the concert, a DJ takes over.

This year the party is held at B90—once an industrial warehouse in the Gdansk Shipyard, now the largest concert club in the Tricity.

Check-in: 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Time: 8 pm, May 24

Place: Club B90, Elektrykow, Gdansk    Show on the map