Great Networking Party

The Infoshare community's approach to networking is the best on the planet! Who said that the extraordinary people capable of shaping the future of your company only meet in the office? You can speak with them at the conference! Discover our way to build business relationships and listen to some great music. You have to be there!

Available for: Developer/Marketer/Attendee/Business/Executive/Startup/Investor and Business Angel Pass holders

No stiff talks or ties! Unless you really want to wear one. The Great Networking Party is designed to provide a less formal atmosphere. Meet new people and have some fun!

This time, on the stage you'll see the mysterious BOKKA . This group plays music from various styles, ranging from alternative and rock to synth-pop. The most curious, is the fact, that the band members hide their faces. Since the group started performing, no one has seen them. Come to the Great Networking Party, listen to their music, and try to uncover their identities. Before they take the stage, you'll spend some great time watching their support, rock band Furkot. One of the musicians is none other than Infoshare speaker Michał Sadowski, the founder of Brand24.

The Great Networking Party is the biggest side event at Infoshare. Attendees, founders, and investors will come together here. Seize this extraordinary opportunity to forge new relationships and enjoy a good time at the party!

Don’t forget to bring a great mood!

Operating hours of registration: 19:00 - 22:00.

20:00 - Furkot
21:00 - BOKKA
22:00 - DJ Danny V


Time: 8 pm, May 22

Place: Stary Maneż, ul. Juliusza Słowackiego 23, Gdańsk    Show on the map