Infoshare is about promoting knowledge from different areas but all combined by one element – technology.

Visit our stages, take part in workshops.

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Watch renowned keynotes from the world of technology and business. Listen to fascinating speeches, case studies and breakthrough stories.

Gain insight into up-to-date trends. Learn from leading innovators how technology is changing our reality to meet new challenges.



Technology trends are changing as we speak. Technical companies are doing everything to be up to date with new advanced tech solutions.

On DevTrends Stage you’ll be able to listen many success stories on implementing them into businesses. Find out in which direction the world of development is evolving and what future is it preparing for.


Check what is going on in the hottest industries and topics worth following – Growth Stage hosts startups, experienced VCs & CVCs, and tech business experts.

Get inspired by real-life stories, and both successes and failures. Get to know winning investment strategies. Listen to startup pitches and find out about life-changing products.


See how technologies are changing marketing and how you can use them in your day to day work.

On marketing stage you will find holistic perspective including communication & content marketing, verification of its efficiency, data analytics, martech trends and digital transformation.


Dive deep into the world of future: quantum computing, machine learning, robots, and artificial intelligence. Meet experts willing to share their knowledge about solutions and their areas of usage changing the world around us.

On DeepTech Stage you will find out what’s inside autonomous cars, how do image and voice recognition systems work, and what quantum computers are made of.


The world of digital technology evolves very fast and covers more and more new areas. It makes our lives easier, but at the same time, carries new threats. Is blockchain a solution that should increase our confidence in the digital world?

How to secure our money and private data? At Crypto & Security Stage, practitioners and experts will present methods, technologies and cases with solutions to these questions.


There are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day. It became natural that data scientists, analysts, and devops are required to process larger amounts of data faster to provide facts that determine the business.

DataTech Stage is a place where you will learn which technologies, tools and platforms to use and how companies dealt with similar challenges.


If you are a software developer - you know how important it is to quickly and constantly learn new patterns, libraries, languages ​​and approaches.

FullStack Stage will provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools to develop your skills better and faster. We’ll be focusing there on programming and architecture by deep technical presentations from frontend and backend experts.


Hungry for more knowledge? Come and ask our biggest speakers anything - Q&A sessions take place at Arena Stage. The top names in tech and business will be there to answer questions from the audience. Moreover, you can develop your skills at workshops offered by our Partners.

Arena stage is the most open stage - here is a chance to ask, be active and creative!


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