Top class keynotes will join Infoshare and give their great speeches on 11 stages!

Dive deep into technology, marketing and growth.

Get inspired and share what IS worthy.


Learn about industries of the future and niches that are worthy to be followed. Listen to breathtaking brand stories and futurists' predictions how the world will look like within next years.

Get inspired by true innovators. Learn how technology is changing every aspect of our life.

All that and more on Inspire Stage.


Technology trends are changing as we speak. Technical companies are doing everything to be up to date with new advanced tech solutions.

On DevTrends Stage you’ll be able to listen many success stories on implementing them into businesses. Find out in which direction the world of development is evolving and what future is it preparing for.


Growth Stage hosts top-notch startups & scaleups, experienced VCs & regognizable CVCs, and experts bringing up to date knowledge how to do successful tech business, even in traditional industries.

Get inspired by real-life business stories. Learn about winning business strategies. Get to know how to convince investor to join you in the unicorn race.

Find out about game-changing startup products.


See how technologies are changing marketing and how you can use them in your day to day work.

On marketing stage you will find holistic perspective including communication & content marketing, verification of its efficiency, data analytics, martech trends and digital transformation.


Quantum computers, machine learning, robots and artificial intelligence are not the future, they are the present.

The development of hardware and data collection systems enables the implementation of ML and AI solutions at a level previously known only in SF movies.

Meet experts who implement AI in everyday life. At DeepTech Stage you will learn how autonomous cars, automatic translations and job diagnosis systems work from the inside.


The world of digital technology is evolving very quickly and is covering new areas. It makes our lives easier, but at the same time brings new threats. Are our computers, telephones and products safe? How to secure our money and private data?

At Security Stage, practitioners and experts will present methods, technologies and application cases that will help us answer these questions.


About 2.5 quintillion of data bytes are processed every day. Which of them are valuable and which are not worth dealing with? How to process them quickly providing the company with information to make the right business decisions?

DataTech Stage is a place where you can find out what technologies, tools and platforms to use and how companies deal with similar challenges.


If you are a programmer - you know how important it is to constantly and quickly learn new patterns, libraries, languages and methodologies. Front-end Stage will provide you with the necessary knowledge and tips to develop your skills better and more efficiently.

We will focus on programming user interfaces, web development and review of available frameworks that allow building fast and efficient websites.


Programming is continuous learning. New libraries, patterns, diagrams and architectural concepts appear everyday. Is it worth applying the novelty? In what conditions will it work best? Does it fit my system?

Backend Stage will provide you with expert knowledge about the latest trends and the ways and places of their application.


Technology is not everything. People, teams of specialists stand behind complicated IT systems. How to build and motivate your team? How to organize the project so that specialists can focus on what they do best and what we want from them?

Technology create products which must be developed and be managed. How to organize product life cycle and manage it?

You can learn all about it at IT Leaders Stage.


Hungry for more knowledge? Come and ask our biggest speakers anything - Q&A sessions take place at Arena Stage. The top names in tech and business will be there to answer questions from the audience. Moreover, you can develop your skills at workshops offered by our Partners.

Arena stage is the most open stage - here is a chance to ask, be active and creative!

Don't hesitate!