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Stewart Rogers

Stewart Rogers

Grit Daily

Conversations being had right now about AI and blockchain technologies are bullshit. It's about time we dug into the data and explained what's really happening.

Stewart Rogers is a journalist, analyst, public speaker, author, startup founder, musician, and "digital nomad". Rogers is best known for his speeches and work on mental health in the tech industry. He helps to shine a light on a serious issue and provides those that need it with the help and support required to stay alive and be at their best. Other than his mental health keynote - which he delivers to audiences across the globe - every speech he gives is new and unique. A former analyst, Rogers uses the latest research and data to explain what is happening both now and next.

As the Managing Editor at Grit Daily, and MC at VentureBeat, he checks the pulse of marketing technology, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, and blockchain technologies, as well as the video game industry and the future of daily life.


Past Presentations

Why everyone is asking the wrong questions about artificial intelligence

15:25 - 15:45, 28th of September (Monday) 2020/ INSPIRE STAGE

AI Growth