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The Launch Mindset: How to combine corporate and entrepreneurial thinking to make your business ‘Blast off!’

11:00 - 11:20, 24th of September (Thursday) 2020/ INSPIRE STAGE

Two markedly different styles dominate modern business culture: the corporate and the entrepreneurial approach. While corporations focus on planning at the expense of execution, entrepreneurial companies believe less planning and more execution is how to ‘change the world.’ 

Each side believes they’re right. In fact, Zoltan argues, they’re both wrong!

Drawing on his 30-year career as a corporate executive, startup entrepreneur and investor, Zoltan explains why organizations that combine the best of these two worlds are most prepared to accelerate their business growth. He calls this hybrid approach ‘The Launch Mindset.’

Zoltan shares his personal journey of discovery as he moves between his corporate career (NBCUniversal, ProSiebenSat1, CBS) and the world of startups (eEuropeMedia, Brainient, Antavo) to reveal the origins of ‘The Launch Mindset’. He explains how focus and agility shape the core of this business approach and why it accelerates a company’s growth. Finally, he reveals how leaders can implement ‘The Launch Mindset’ in their own organizations. 


Zoltan Vardy

The Launch Code