[EN] We’re coming closer. The re:infoShare focus group interview and interviews with the experts are already done! 

What’s new? Now it’s full steam ahead with the analytics work. Our partner – Engram Agency – has collected and described a huge amount of miscellaneous data – at this moment it reaches over 80 pages!

18.07.2018, added by infoShare

Until now we’ve been doing many things including looking for similarities and differences between competitive brands, analyzing the current visual and verbal infoShare identity and seeking some patterns, trends in the business.

Observing the infoShare participants’ behaviour also contributed to our analysis. But it wasn’t enough for us. We want to be sure we are looking at the infoShare as it’s seen with your eyes. That’s why we came up with some extra activities. 

Firstly, we decided to interview the renowned experts: Janina Bąk, Jacek Kłosiński, and Łukasz Kułakowski. Janina and Jacek focused mostly upon the conference itself; among other things, they showed us interesting ideas concerning its realization and networking of the participants. When it comes to Łukasz, he shared a couple of smart solutions to the visual identity and communication, which are worth to be used – says Kamil from the Engram Agency.

The second activity was the focus group interview – a great backup at this stage of our rebranding work. We had a meeting with a group of 12 people including programmers, marketing specialists and start-up founders. We spoke both with the ones who had already participated in the infoShare and with the ones who still have it ahead of themselves. They all have various experience, work habits and approach to the way of gaining knowledge. We were asking some questions about their previous participation in conferences, career plans and the obstacles which stand in their way of success.

Really, we didn’t want to conduct long and monotonous interviews so we prepared a few specific open questions, but we are pleasantly surprised by the experts and members of the focus group – our cooperation was perfect! These people were open right from the start, they kept on willingly expand their answers as well as shared so many thoughts and ideas with us. It’s a great contribution which will be helpful for infoShare’s further development. By the way, we need to mention that the end of the official part didn’t really mean the end of the meeting – we still carried on our discussion while enjoying the delicious pizza. Don’t forget to check the photos on our facebook profile! 

Once again thank you so much for your commitment and willingness to help :). Soon we will tell you more about the next stage of the infoShare. Follow our blog and social media channels. Stay tuned!


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