Creative team is getting in on the action. In which direction will infoShare go? 

We are excited about giving the infoShare brand a new look! Engram Agency – our rebranding partner – prepared three concepts which are ready to become an inspiration for their creative team responsible for setting InfoShare’s way forward. 

10.10.2018, added by infoShare

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We wouldn’t have achieved this stage without you and your commitment. Thank you for every single survey you completed. They showed us what our brand means to you and what expectations of us you have. 

But why actually do we care so much about your opinion and about in-depth investigation of the new technologies market?

We consider the current rebranding process not only as a chance to refresh our logotype, but as a bigger picture. We can revise our resolutions, take a look at the brand and the company from a perspective of the direction we are currently following – perhaps we could correct it a bit? What we could do better? What we would love to do better, what else we would like to do and what we would like to avoid? 

After all, it’s been 11 years since we started. 11 years ago… Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.5 were the giant rulers of our computers. Neostrada was our window to the world of the Internet. The “responsive design” term didn’t even exist back then. 11 years ago the first iPhone was released and Nokia was a serious player at the market. Katy Perry and her “I Kissed a Girl” was driving us crazy since it reached the top of playlists. 10 years ago Messi attended the Golden Ball Award gala in a pair of worn down jeans, whereas Ronaldo chose a golden jacket and golden chain. No matter how you look at it, you can spot at least “slight” changes… 

On the other hand it gives us some kind of a hint how much the world may change within the next decade. In order to remain relevant we need to be ready for changes – we need to set up clearly defined missions, vision, targets and offer you services which will remain actually valuable even in the future. To make it this way and to allow the brand being a combination of offer, values and targets, we certainly need to put much more effort into it than just refreshing our logotype.  


In a nutshell: we always want to keep in mind what infoShare as a brand values the most. We also want you to know what you can expect from us. The concepts will be helpful in achieving this in a clear manner.

Take a look below. You can see three concepts which are about to become a foundation of the final and dream one. We’re looking forward to your emails and sending a huge thanks for your commitment and help once again! 


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