[EN] The re:infoShare project has just started! We are very curious about your opinion.

We have started in 2007, when the team consisted of only four people, and the first event had 200 participants. Today, we are the largest technology conference in Central and Eastern Europe. About 5,500 participants took part in infoShare 2017. This year, we are expecting 7,000. Our conference brings together developers, marketers, startups, investors and business representatives. Our mission is to spread knowledge about new technologies. Today we are entering a new stage. We want to go through brand refreshment process with your participation.

14.05.2018, added by infoShare

The new is coming...
Nowadays, rebranding is not just a change of logo. It is an inspiring and creative process, that aims to bring the area of the company's activity closer, engage the audience in creating the product and encourage contact with those who identify with the brand's values and are its natural ambassadors.
The aim of activities that we start today with Engram agency is, among others:
•    bringing coherence and total refreshment of our brand,
•    getting to know your opinion about ourselves,
•    improving and adapting infoShare to your needs,
•    arranging communication about activities and initiatives created over the years around infoShare,
•    creating a coherent, engaging narrative that will involve you.

We speak openly
Rebranding at infoShare is open. This means transparency of actions. We will share with you all the information and insights we will obtain during the entire process. It will take a lot of time, but believe us – it's worth being patient because we're planning a lot of changes. All for your benefit.
When finalizing successive stages and starting next ones, we will take your opinions and observations into account. It is extremely valuable to us because we need companions in this process, to be sure that we are heading in the right direction. To stay in touch with you, we have designed solutions that will allow you to create infoShare even today.

Send your answer
We are officially launching the change project called REINFOSHARE. RE- from the time of the first e-mails is the answer and reaction. It is also a dialogue that, to a large extent in the modern world, is taking place with the support of new technologies. RE- is also the first part of compound words implying the new occurrence, such as: reinvent or renew, which in our process acquire symbolic meaning.
The rebranding process is an opportunity for analyses and reflections that help to define the brand anew. For us REINFOSHARE is:
•    involving the community and encouraging it to express opinions on the conference,
•    focusing on the recipients and their needs,
•    redefining and rediscovering the brand.

Ready, Set, Go!
In practice, we will work both online and offline (during infoShare 2018). Please be very vigilant! Pay attention to the elements in the AmberExpo space, which will have a characteristic black and yellow style. It is temporary and is meant to symbolize the strong accent and significance of the process that we are just beginning. It will be divided into four stages.

First stage. How do you see us?

The first stage will allow us to get to know the surroundings in which we operate and your expectations. We will also examine our previous communication activities and take look at what is happening in the world. The activities that we plan to organize during the next conference will also be an element of learning about our brand. In several places in AmberExpo, we will place the so-called REsponsive walls.  Using them, we want to involve you in the discussion about ourselves.

Second stage. How should we conduct a dialogue?

In the second stage, we will prepare several communication ideas, which we want to be the base of creating a new visual and verbal identity of our brand. Each of them will be a certain argument that we will submit to an open discussion. After reviewing your feedback, we plan to choose one platform that will become the basis for the design.

Stage three. We care about you. How to gain your attention and commitment?

The third stage will be translating the idea into the visual and verbal language of the brand. Also in this stage, we will involve you in the discussion by presenting some alternative solutions. We know from experience that they create very heated discussions, and together with Engram team, we are very interested in your reactions. We expect very diverse opinions. We promise to take all of them very seriously.

Stage four. Together we will start the countdown

The finale of our process will be the stage in which we will implement a new direction and start gaining momentum. We want the changes to be noticeable at infoShare 2019.

Travel companions
We undertake the journey to the new image with Engram agency. It is a team of specialists – strategic experts and creative designers – with broad competences and diverse experiences, which are united by the ambition of co-creating unique brands.​

If you have any suggestions, ideas or questions, please contact us. We look forward to your comments at re@infoshare.pl




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