Working 24/7 to make infoShare better every time

It all began in 2006 with a small geek event for 200 developers within the walls of the Gdansk University of Technology.

19.10.2017, added by Ewa Siekierska

How did it all begin?

A group of 4 friends – Grzegorz, Tomek, Marcin, and Andrzej – gathered the attendees in a medium-size auditorium and only geeks understood what was being said on the stage. They did everything from the beginning to the end with lots of help from their friends and families. In 2013 the first employee appeared – Marta. Our infoShare veteran as we call her :) A valuable female element with all the precision, diplomacy and enthusiasm. She has the power and energy of a few people.

infoShare 2012 - conference spot


And now? In 2017 infoShare took place for the 11th time. 5500 people came to the biggest venue in Gdansk – AmberExpo. More than 120 speakers on 5 stages for 2 days, 12 side events, 90 volunteers and the infoShare team of 12 people. That’s certainly a change. In 2018 we’re planning even more.

infoShare 2017 - aftermovie


When do you start working on the next edition?

Many people ask „When do you start working on the next conference?”. Well, on the first day after the previous one ends :)

After each event, we ask our attendees in a survey to tell us what they liked about the event and what we should work on more. We gather ratings and ask open questions. We then analyze the answers in detail.

This year we are very happy. The average ratings of our main 9 elements are higher than in 2016. What’s more our NPS is 58,71%* which is excellent! We’re getting better!

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Net_Promoter

Average conference ratings by infoShare attendees in 2016 and 2017

  2017 average rating* 2016 average rating*
Venue 8,75 8,63
Networking Party 8,73 7,76
Conference 8,39 7,94
Beach Running 8,05 6,64
After Party 7,70 7,40
Speeches 7,64 7,35
Catering 7,54 7,18
Before Party 8,05 6,64
Closing Party 7,40 7,15

* out of 10

Things the attendees liked the most
speeches, speakers
variety of topics
knowledge sharing


We’ve been reading about the unique atmosphere, great organization, a nice venue, the variety of topics presented on the stage and knowledge sharing. It’s also great to know that you see infoShare as a great opportunity to obtain promising business contacts and exchange information. On the other hand, we also promise to do something about the small marketing stage or the food. All the challenges accepted!

How do we work?

Every day we come up onto the 13th floor of the building to start with a morning coffee. It’s the moment to relax and look at the sea and forests outside the window. Just before the busy day begins. We analyze the surveys and data, plan schedules and teams, fight for the best speakers, negotiate with partners, communicate… Daily, daily, daily. More and more tasks appear. Later we start to eat sandwiches and drink coffee on the run. We don’t even remember which floor we’re at and there’s no way to see the forest since all the windows are covered with kanbans. All the way till May. In May sometimes we feel as if we haven’t been at home for a few days because we’re thinking about things to finish all the time. And after the conference, we still can’t sleep because we have just seen THE THING that we’ve been working on for these last months. This is it!

What do we love about this job?

It’s mind-blowing to be the event that brings together different groups of people who love technology. Some say it’s difficult to survive the end of a project, let alone a project that you love. It’s always a nostalgic goodbye, whether it’s a disaster or a success. Luckily, here at infoShare, we don’t have to worry because we’ll never stop! :)

Once again, thank you all for coming to infoShare 2017, feel invited for the next edition. If you’d like to work with us visit our career page https://infoshare.pl/about/job/






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