If you can't find the answer, drop us a line at




1. How to contact customer service?

The fastest way is to use chat on You can also use facebook and email (the response here will not be immediate). Customer service will be available from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (CEST time zone).

2. What is the new date of Infoshare 2020?

Infoshare is 11 days of knowledge, inspiration and technology!

  • Startup Contest Quarterfinals: 7th, 9th, 14th, 16th of September
  • Investors Meetup: 22nd of September (only for Investor Pass holders)
  • Infoshare: 23rd-25th and 28th-30th of September


3. How can I join the conference online?

You can purchase a Pass and login to Infoshare website On the menu in section "Infoshare 2020" since 7th of September is button "Enter the conference" or use the link:

To join the conference you need to:

  • be logged in (always),
  • accept regulations,
  • complete profile (if it's not completed),
  • check in (only in first logging).

4. What is check in?

Check in works like registration during offline conferences. You need to choose, which pass you log into by proper checkbox. To do that you need to have a pass on the account. After check in, you can't change your email address, name, surname and you can't transfer the last pass. If you have more than one pass, you can change check in in your account: - go to the section "Your tickets", but you can't do that if you have the same type of tickets. Checked pass is visible in the profile.

5. What can I do on the platform?

The platform consists of sections:

  • Stages, agenda, speakers - on each stage you can watch speeches, see the agenda, you can rate speeches, chat with attendees and speakers.
  • Partners Expo - visit virtual stands, where you have the possibility to chat, attend webinars, drop or take business cards, see a video, take company brochure, check job offers and drop CV, also schedule 1:1 meetings.
  • Partners activities - all additional activities, which partners prepared for you on their stand.
  • Matchmaking - a tool to view attendees' profiles and invite on 1:1 meetings.
  • Media Area - visit virtual stands, where you can see a video, drop a business card and take a brochure.
  • Startup Expo - visit virtual stands, where you can see a video and description of each startup.
  • Job board - a place, where you can see job offers and attach your CV.

Access to those sections depends on the type of pass:, check what your pass includes.

6. Does the platform work on mobile phones?

Yes, you can use your mobile to attend the conference. Be careful with adblock - it can block some access.

7. What will happen during Startup Contest Quarterfinals?

Startup Contest finalists will be competing to go to semifinals - the jury will vote for the favourites, but also attendees can vote for their favourite startup. Besides the pitching contest, you can listen to interesting speeches, check out the agenda:

8. What hours will speeches take place?

9:00 AM - 5:30 PM (CEST time zone).

9. What are the system requirements to attend Infoshare online?

You’ll find a full list of requirements for the video conferencing system we use in English here and in Polish here.

Inforshare makes use of the LiveWebinar platform, thanks to which it’s possible to organize our online conference. This solution is used on many different levels - for example we can use it to host planned broadcasts, meet-ups and contests. The platform is also used in our matchmaking tool.

If you have a stand during Infoshare, LiveWebinar will be the tool with which you can meet the people visiting your online standpoint.

If you also host large scale online events, or need a platform for leading video conferences/webinars for your company, check out LiveWebinar by clicking


10. Will speeches be live or recorded?

Both live and recorded, depending on speakers preferences. Most of the speeches will be finished with a live short Q&A session. Even if the speech will be recorded, the speaker will be available to answer questions during the speech.

11. I have a Pass but I can't attend these hours. Will I get access to the recordings?

Yes, recordings will be available after logging in to our website for Conference Pass, Startup Pass, Executive Pass and Investor Pass holders. You can watch them choosing speech from the agenda or Recording library. The recordings will not be available just after the speech is finished. Thay may appear within a month after the conference.

12. Will speeches recordings be published on Youtube or your website?

Recordings will be available in the Recording library after logging into our website  for Conference Pass, Startup Pass, Executive Pass and Investor Pass holders. We are not going to publish speeches on Youtube.

13. Will it be possible to talk with the speakers?

Yes, speakers will be available during the 5 minutes of Q&A sessions included in speeches time. Some of them have schedule longer Q&A sessions. You can always ask them questions on the chat, which will be available next to the stage. Host will choose the best questions and ask the speaker during the Q&A session. During recorded speeches, speakers will be available on the chat for all attendees. If you have Executive, Investor or Startup Pass you also have the possibility to invite the speaker to an online 1:1 meeting using the Matchmaking tool.

14. Will there be any networking?

You can expand your network using Matchmaking online. Matchmaking offers a virtual space for online meetings set up via a dedicated tool. 30-minutes meetings can be scheduled from Monday to Friday in the hours 9:00 - 8:00 PM (CEST time zone), on dates from September 14 to October 2. 

Matchmaking access: 

  • Executive, Investor and Startup Pass - You can make your profile, chat with other executives and investors or book 1-1 sessions with startups to find innovative products that will boost your competitive advantage or invite Infoshare attendees for the interview. 
  • Conference, Basic Pass - You have the possibility to provide your data and CV for Infoshare Attendees, view profiles, you can invite on meeting only Partners' representatives, but you can be invited by all Infoshare Attendees.

15. What is matchmaking?

Matchmaking is a 30-minute, individual business meeting between Startups, Investors, Executive, Conference, and Basic pass holders. To enter the meeting you need an individual link, which you can find in the matchmaking tool. Daily meetings are scheduled and you will receive a SMS reminder if you mark the right checkbox. Access to the tool will be possible the week before, during the conference and the week after the conference, but you can start scheduling your meetings beginning of September. Meetings can take place between September 14th and October 2nd, from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM (CEST time zone).

You can read more about matchmaking here:

16. Do I have to sign up for any event or activity in advance?

You can sign into Matchmaking in advance - tool start's on the 1st of September. You can schedule meetings via the online tool 7 days period to the conference, during conference and 7 days after. Set your availability on the calendar, reschedule, or cancel the meeting, send a message. Each of 15 matchmaking days you will receive the agenda of your meetings!


17. Will there be a possibility to visit a partners’ booths, talk to company representatives?

Yes, you can visit virtual partners’ booths. Virtual Partner Expo is full of companies presenting their offer. Here you can check out some of the hottest technological products, chat and talk with partner representatives in dedicated rooms, or schedule 1:1 meeting and perhaps meet some business partners.

18. Will there be a possibility to visit a startups’ booths?

Yes, you can visit virtual startups' booths. Virtual Startup Expo is full of startups presenting their products and technologies. You can see a video and descriptions of each of them.

19. How can I apply for the job?

  • Fulfill your profile richly (you can attach your CV)
  • Choose the checkbox "I'm looking for the job" to become more visible for recruiters,
  • Go to Virtual Partner Expo,
  • Talk to companies representatives on the chat or schedule 1:1 meeting,
  • Drop your CV,
  • Drop your business card.




1. How and when can I ask questions?

Customer Service is available from Monday to Friday in hours 9 am to 4 pm. You can talk to us by chat on the website, e-mail: or phone: +48 512 328 348.



1. Who can attend Infoshare?

The event is open for everyone over the age of 15. You just need to be registered.
You can do it here.



1. How can I register?

You can register here.

2. I am not working at any company, what should I write in the box “company name” during registration?

You can enter the title of a project you are running, the name of the organization to which you belong, the name of the university, etc.
You can also be creative and write whatever you want! But remember it will be presented under your name at your conference badge.

3. How can I get access to my Infoshare account?

You can log into your account on our website using your e-mail address and a password. 
If you haven't created an account yet, you can do it here.

4. How can I edit my profile information?

You should log into your account on our website using your e-mail address and a password and then click “Your profile” Tab.

5. Do I need to be an employee of a company to participate in Infoshare?

No, you don’t have to be employed. You can be a student, startup, self-employed or have any other status.
Everyone (over the age of 15) can come to the conference after registration on our website.

6. Can I delete my account on

If you want to delete your account, please contact us at



1. I want to give a speech or propose a Speaker, whom should I contact?

To give a speech at Infoshare you need to send your application for the “Call for Speakers”. You can find more information about the CFS here.
To propose a speaker please contact us at:

2. I am interested in partnering Infoshare, whom should I contact?

For partnership queries please visit this site.

3. I’m interested in a media pass, whom should I contact?

If you need information about media accreditation, please contact us at:

4. Who can apply to volunteer?

Volunteering is open to anyone over the age of 16 who is interested in tech, innovation, events and of course fun!
You can find more information about the Infoshare Volunteer Program and the application form here.

If you are interested in the Infoshare Volunteer Program in 2020 just leave us your application form and we will contact you :)




1. I bought a paid pass more than 14 days ago, but I can’t come to the conference. What should I do?

You can transfer your pass to another person. You have to log into your account on our website, go to the tab “Your tickets” and click “Transfer to other person”. You can do this until 17th of September 2020.

2. I can’t attend the conference and I don’t want to transfer my pass. Can I get a refund?

You've got 14 days to return your ticket. To accomplish this, you need to send your resignation to the e-mail address: from the e-mail address applicable to the Infoshare Account used to purchase. In that case, the payment will be returned within 14 days to the bank account, from which the payment was performed.



1. I bought a pass, where can I find it?

After purchasing a pass you should get an e-mail confirmation. You should have your pass visible at your Infoshare account after logging into our website in the “Your tickets” Tab.

2. What does the Infoshare pass entitle me to?

Each pass type (e.g. basic/conference/startup/executive/investor) gives you different profits.
Here you can find the full list, which will help you with choosing the right ticket.

3. Can I buy a pass only for one day of the conference?

No, we don't offer one-day passes.

4. Can I purchase several passes on my account?

You can purchase several passes and transfer them to your friends/coworkers. You have to log into your account on our website, go to the tab “Your tickets” and click “Transfer to other person”. You can do this until the 17th of September 2020.

5. How can I transfer my pass to another person?

You just have to log into your account on our website, go to the tab “Your tickets” and click “Transfer to other person”. You can do this till the 17th of September 2020.

6. When can purchase my ticket online?

If you're sure that you want to participate, don't wait with ordering your ticket - passes prices increase until the conference.

However, if you would like to purchase a paid pass (e.g. basic/conference/startup/executive/investor) there is no deadline - you can even register and buy a pass during the conference.

7. Can I get a group discount?

Yes, we prepared rules for a group discount:
- 5for4 - you get 20 % discount buying 5 the same type of tickets (Conference or Executive Pass, except Basic, Startup and Investor Pass), which is charged automatically
- buying 10 - 15 passes you get 20 % discount (except Basic Pass), which is charged automatically,
- buying 16 - 20 passes you get 22 % discount (except Basic Pass), which is charged automatically,
- buying more than 20 passes you get 25 % discount (except Basic Pass), which is charged automatically.



1. Can you deduct the VAT since you are selling within the EU?

To comply with EU law (Article 53 & 54 of the VAT Directive), we have to charge VAT in the country where the event takes place.

2. How can I get a pro forma invoice?

If you need a pro forma invoice, please contact us at:

3. How can I get an invoice?

You can download an invoice from your account on our website - go into "Your orders" Tab. The document will be ready after 24 hours after your payment credited.



1. Can I order my ticket now and pay for it later?

Yes, you can order your ticket now and pay it later by credit/debit card, online transfer, blik, Google Pay, Masterpass, Visa Checkout. When you are asked to pay (while ordering a pass), choose the option to pay later. After that, you'll have 7 days time to complete your registration before your pass gets cancelled.

2. How much does the participation in Infoshare cost?

Here you can find passes with many profits included. Check details of the pass that you are interested in.

3. Are there tickets for students?

We don't have dedicated tickets for students. We recommend to buy a ticket as early as possible and take advantage of big discounts.

4. How can I pay for my pass?

You can pay by:
- credit/debit card,
- online transfer,
- blik,
- Google Pay, Masterpass, Visa Checkout,
- if you can't use any of these methods and you need a pro forma invoice, please contact us at:

5. I would like to get discount with "Gdansk city resident card", but during register I found this information: "We apologize, but our system has detected that the card number has already been registered with another order". What should I do?




1. What pass should I buy if I want to represent startup at Infoshare?

It depends. If you are interested in ONLY in Infoshare Startup Contest, you should choose option Startup Contest Free Application. All Quarterfinalists will get for free one startup passes and if interested one expo booth. The Semifinalists will receive one additional startup pass. The rest need to buy the pass to attend Infoshare 2020. If you are interested in speed dating, you have to buy a startup pass. Here you can find all the information that the startup pass includes.

2. Is startup pass right for me?

Infoshare agrees with Steve Blank's definition: a startup is an organization formed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model and a business model describes how your company creates, delivers and captures value. The startup offers its own innovative product. Companies offering services, like consulting and programming services (e.g. software houses) can not be named startup in this definition.

3. How much does a startup pass cost?

Here you can find the current price of a startup pass.
You can also choose the Infoshare Startup Contest free application just to take part in the Startup Contest. All 100 Quarterfinalsts will get for free one startup pass and if interested a place on the Virtual Startup Expo.

4. What does the startup pass include?

You can check what the startup pass includes here.

5. Is one startup pass for one person only?

Yes, one startup pass gives access to the Infoshare conference for one person only. If you want to bring your colleagues with you, you can just buy more startup passes in one order and transfer them easily just after.

6. Do all the members of a startup team need to buy a startup pass?

The paid startup pass gives access to different services. Here you can find the complete list. If you want to give access to Infoshare to more team members, but for any reason it is not possible to buy them startup passes, they can register with free basic basses.




1. Who can have a booth at Infoshare Startup Expo?

Infoshare Virtual Startup Expo is for startups with paid passes only. To apply for free expo booth you need to buy a startup pass. Just a quick reminder: Infoshare qualifies startups as projects that offer their own innovative products. Expo is not for enterprises or companies offering services, like software houses or consulting agencies. Infoshare reserves the right to accept or refuse the Startup Expo application. Refusal might occur in case of applying by a Participant who is not a Startup in the Infoshare definition to be found in Regulation of Infoshare 2020 Conference.

2. How does Infoshare Virutal Startup Expo look?

Startup Expo is a virtual booth with startup name and logotype, link to one video material, and startup description. Startup Expo will be live at the beginning of September with first guests able to check it on September 7th - the day of the first Startup Contest quarterfinals. You can learn more here.



1. Who can apply for Infoshare Startup Contest?

You have to be a seed (working on the product) or early-stage (having an MVP but before validated business model) startup to apply for the Contest. Only startups at these stages can use this opportunity. Infoshare Startup Contest is not for startups at the concept or growth stage. What is more Infoshare Startup Contest is geographically and industrially agnostic.

2. How can I apply for Infoshare Startup Contest?

Infoshare Startup Contest 2020 registration is closed.

There are 5 steps to apply for Infoshare Startup Contest:

  1. Choose Infoshare Startup Contest 2020 Application
  2. Either click register for Infoshare 2020 or login if you already have an account in our system.
  3. Fill in the Infoshare Startup Contest 2020 form
  4. Attach your pitch deck to the form.

Please do remember that you must be either seed or early-stage startup to apply for the Startup Contest!

3. What should a good pitch deck include?

Here you can find an example of a great pitch deck in our opinion, but this is only an example. Feel free to attach any other file with information that helps us understand your product and business strategy. If you want to show either video or audio materials, include links in your pitch deck. One thing you need to consider is evaluation criteria: business potential, team and product level of innovation - you need to cover them in your deck.

4. What are the selection criteria?

Choosing up to 100 quarterfinalists will be based on 3 criteria

  • the product business potential,
  • the team – its structure, experience and time spent on working together,
  • the level of product innovation (meaning also changes in comparison to the products already present on the market).

Choosing 30 semifinalists will be based on 4 criteria

  • the product business potential,
  • the team – its structure, experience and time spent on working together,
  • the level of product innovation (meaning also changes in comparison to the products already present on the market),
  • performance - startup presentation during the pitch

Choosing 7 finalists will be based on 4 criteria

  • the product business potential,
  • the team – its structure, experience and time spent on working together,
  • the level of product innovation (meaning also changes in comparison to the products already present on the market),
  • performance - startup presentation during the pitch

Each criterion can be marked 0-10 points.

5. Where can I find the terms of participation in Startup Contest?

Here you can find the terms of participation in the Startup Contest.