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When HR meets Artificial Intelligence

11:05 - 11:45, 23rd of September (Wednesday) 2020/ DEEPTECH STAGE

Data mining and processing, often using AI techniques, are more and more often used in broader contexts. They enable us to get a more precise and less biased picture, make a quicker decision, or even automate many of them. Especially from the beginning of this year, the push for Digital Transformation and digitalisation came to a new level – with expectations to enable more automated, distanced, and safe work, often using state of the art solutions.

During my presentation, I would like to share ideas and approaches around the development of AI-driven tools used in HR, especially ones used for skills analysis, assessment of specialists, career guidance, and more. There are multiple ways how especially NLP can be helpful here, and we will look under the hood to see what’s possible. We will also review how these tools can be used to make better decisions, with reduced bias, making usage of AI fairer and more responsible, which is crucial when we think about ethical AI-driven HR solutions.

AI DataTech DeepTech ML/DL

Wojtek Ptak

Talent Alpha