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Transform your business with Internet-native architecture

14:20 - 14:40, 6th of October (Thursday) 2022/ INSPIRE STAGE

Innovations like virtual machines (VMs), containers, and the public cloud have improved application development in many ways, but still place several configuration, maintenance, and optimization decisions on developers rather than the technology itself.

The more that these responsibilities are placed on developers, the less time they have to build products and internal applications. These responsibilities introduce the risk of suboptimal choices or mistakes that could deplete budgets or cause vulnerabilities and downtime.
This inefficiency has serious consequences. Alarmingly, the time developers spend on non-coding tasks costs organizations over $85 billion annually. Thus, removing complexity from application development can improve the developer experience while also saving organizations a significant amount of money.

Join this session to understand:
- What’s at stake in an inefficient development architecture
- How development methods have evolved bringing us to serverless
- How early iterations of serverless failed to simplify application development
- The key differences in next-gen serverless and how it benefits organizations

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Alex Vinokurov