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Arkadiusz Putko

Arkadiusz Putko


Senior Front-end Developer, qualified Team Leader and one of the best FIFA players in our team. Every quarter he is organising famous “meet.js” meetings for users of JavaScript.
Among many impressive things he has been doing before he came to Neoteric, he used to work for XYO company in Berlin, where he was creating intelligent search engines of mobile applications. What he likes about front-end technologies is that he uses at work is that they are not far away from the user – it's about working for people and not for computer devices.
At work he is very supportive and patient for those who need to learn something. He is said to be born leader and mentor and he surely deserved it.  He's one of those people who know exactly what things they need and which of them require any help. What's valuable for our clients, he is doing all his best – or more, if required – to hit deadlines.
When he is not programming, he is one an active member of non-government organisations of the Ukrainian minority, an actor of the NAVPAKY theater and a football player.

Past Presentations

AngularJS - from concept to deploy in less than 3 hours

  14:00 - 17:00, 18th of May (Wednesday) 2016/ WORKSHOP STAGE #5