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Anton Polyakov

Anton Polyakov

Nordea Markets

I am Head of Application Development in Core Services and Risk IT of Capital Markets. I am a passionate engineer and open source enthusiast. At Nordea I manage several teams of talented engineers who work on critical applications which empower Nordea’s business. Being a developer myself I am involved in many aspects of technical design, setting the vision and building the strategy. Big part of my work is around culture. Engineering culture. I am a big fan of “loosely coupled and highly aligned” teams’ model with good communication, common sense and overall smartness being the key components.

Our work in Capital Markets is quite challenging in a sense that it both requires innovations and using out-of-the box solutions at the same time being serious about consistency and predictability since we deal with financial data. We are passionate about microservices architecture and things like docker which enable decoupling and productivity, we rely on in-memory techniques and reactive design.

Past Presentations

Make it Streaming: Highs and Lows on the Way to Real-time Risk

  14:00 - 14:30, 19th of May (Thursday) 2016/ TECH STAGE