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Dmitry Soshnikov

Dmitry Soshnikov


Dmitry is a Microsoft veteran, working for more than 14 years. He started as a Technical Evangelist, and in this role presented on numerous conferences, including twice being on stage with Steve Ballmer, and once on an event with Bill Gates. He then worked for 2 years as Senior Software Engineer, helping big European companies to start pilot digital transformation projects based on in AI and ML.

As Cloud Developer Advocate, Dmitry focuses on creating educational content and working with academic and research institutions. He is also an Associate Professor at MIPT, HSE and MAI in Moscow, a big fan of functional programming and F#, and a maintainer/primary developer of mPyPl library. In his spare time, Dmitry explores Science Art and Technological Magic, as well as performs Chinese tea ceremonies. He can be reached at http://soshnikov.com.


Past Presentations

Cloud as AI Paradise

10:35 - 10:55, 29th of September (Tuesday) 2020/ DEVTRENDS STAGE