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Anna Wójcicka

Anna Wójcicka

Warsaw Genomics

Anna Wójcicka is a co-founder of Warsaw Genomics, a genetic testing spin-off of the University of Warsaw. The company uses next-generation sequencing to identify genetic variations leading to human diseases, or allowing for a targeted treatment of the particular patient. Currently, Warsaw Genomics runs approx.. 500 tests a week. 
Anna is also an academic teacher and a scientist, working at the Medical University of Warsaw. She’s been conducting research related to genetic background of human diseases. Anna graduated from the Medical University of Warsaw, the University of Warsaw and the Warsaw School of Economics. She was granted a Very Important Polish Innovator title by the Polish Emblem Foundation „Poland Now”, a scholarship of the Minister of Higher Education for outstanding scientist. In 2017, she received the title of Businesswoman of the Year, Woman in New Technologies.


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Social innovation jako zabawa czy szansa dla biznesu na realną zmianę

12:10 - 12:50, 09th of May (Thursday) 2019/ Inspire