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Harry Roberts

Harry Roberts

CSS Wizardry Ltd.

Harry is an award-winning Consultant Performance Engineer from the UK. With a client list ranging from the United Nations to Google, the BBC to the Financial Times, he has helped some of the world’s largest organisations make their websites faster.

He also holds positions as a Google Developer Expert, where he shares web performance research and findings, and as Performance Ambassador for SHIFT Commerce, where he aims to make ecommerce faster from the inside out.

He writes about all things front-end performance at csswizardry.com, speaks at tech events all across the globe, and regularly shares his insights at @csswizardry.


Past Presentations

From Milliseconds to Millions: A Look at the Numbers Powering Web Performance

13:10 - 13:55, 29th of September (Tuesday) 2020/ FRONT-END STAGE

Front-end WebDev

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Resource Hints

15:10 - 15:40, 9th of May (Thursday) 2019/ DevTrends

DevTrends Front-end FullStack Tech

Front-End Performance: Building Faster Websites

09:30 - 17:30, 7th of May (Tuesday) 2019/ WORKSHOP 2
Amber Expo

Front-end FullStack Workshop

Trade Secrets – Little-Known Performance Tools (and How to Use ’Em)

13:30 - 17:00, 23rd of May (Wednesday) 2018/ WORKSHOP STAGE #3

FrontEnd Webperformance

It’s My (Third) Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To

16:10 - 16:50, 22nd of May (Tuesday) 2018/ TECH STAGE

FrontEnd Webdevelopment

Why Fast Matters

09:45 - 10:30, 17th of May (Wednesday) 2017/ TECH STAGE