Web3 and the Creative Economy: emerging opportunities and challenges

13:00 - 13:20, 25th of May (Thursday) 2023/ INSPIRE STAGE

We will dive into the world of Web3 and its impact on the creative economy. Through the lens of specific tools and the latest experimentation, we will explore how this new paradigm influences the creative industries.

As we take a closer look at the music industry, we will examine how this new concept of ownership impacts not only the art itself but also the fans. We will explore the new solutions that are emerging and how artists show new entrepreneurial activities to address superfans and fan as an investor.

Moreover, we will see how Web3 solutions are exploring the native Web2 aspects of creative industries like ticketing and social media. We will ask the question of whether this approach is suitable for all artists and what it takes to grow in these new business models.

Of course, as with any innovation, there are challenges that must be addressed. We will also list issues surrounding copyright and licensing, aspects of which web3 builders should be aware.

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Aga Samitowska