Lead the business during force majeure

10:40 - 11:00, 25th of May (Thursday) 2023/ ARENA STAGE

I’d like to share my personal experience as a Director of Engineering and a Regional Leader on how we prepared our teams and businesses for the Russian invasion in 2022. I work for Turnitin, a global company with an office in Ukraine, where I live. I manage four geographically distributed engineering teams that work on ten Turnitin products. These teams are located in Europe, the Americas, and Ukraine. 
I want to share a framework that helps prepare teams and businesses for a significant crisis and force majeure like an invasion. Thanks to the preparation, we could back up critical business and operate effectively, even during the first days of the attack. The Ukrainian team delivered the key company milestone - the ChatGPT detector at the end of 2022- a great business success. However, the tremendous success is that Ukrainian employees and their families are safe and continue “normal” life.
So, this speech touches on mental preparation, the importance of having a plan, guiding people through the darkest period of their lives, and staying productive at work.

Growth Leadership