How to raise funds and keep major shares of a $50M biz

14:20 - 14:40, 25th of May (Thursday) 2023/ INSPIRE STAGE

Are you an entrepreneur looking to raise capital for your business? With so many funding options available, it can be hard to know which one to choose. Bootstrapping, EU grants, angel investors, crowdfunding, venture capital, IPOs... the list goes on.

It is possible to secure funding while still maintaining control of your company. I built a business worth 50 million-dollar using a combination of funding methods, and I did it while remaining the majority shareholder.

My journey to success wasn't a typical rags-to-riches tale. It had its share of ups and downs. At times, I ran out of money and found myself in debt, but there were also moments of triumph. Throughout the journey, I learned valuable lessons from every step I took.

In this talk, I'll share my experiences and insights on how to navigate the complex world of business funding. Join me and discover the secrets to raising capital without sacrificing ownership of your company.

Startup / VC Leadership