How to combine tradition with modernity. How Data Science can enrich risk management

13:40 - 14:20, 24th of May (Wednesday) 2023/ DEV AI STAGE

Data science team can bring a breath of fresh air into risk management. If properly located in the organization and equipped with advanced tools it can expand horizons of business units and drive changes in policies.

Close cooperation with business units helps to avoid communication deadlocks and misunderstandings. Equipping Data Science team with advanced infrastructure and well-suited tools results in tremendous time reduction of data processing. Consulting new ideas with security and compliance ensures solutions are safe and compliant with regulatory requirements.

During this presentation I will show you how properly located Data Science team can introduce alternative models, broaden horizons by delivering sophisticated analysis and provide current situation impact on bank’s clients. And all of this within the delivery time acceptable to business units.

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Bigdata Business ML/DL DataScience