Ethics as Innovation

11:10 - 11:30, 24th of May (Wednesday) 2023/ INSPIRE STAGE

Ethics is an undeniable feature of technological innovation. The technologies that we create can have a significant impact on the lives of individuals, societal values, and a sustainable environment. The central importance of ethics to technology and innovation is currently reflected in increasing regulations, policies and standards around the world, and especially in the EU. Although some might hold the opinion that ethics is a hindrance to technological development, this talk will explain that it can facilitate and promote innovation; in fact, it is an essential component of it. By canvassing essential and practical steps from ethics-by-design to algorithmic audits this talk will illustrate that an ethical approach to the development and use of emerging technologies is pivotal to the successful development and launch of new technologies. 

Tech4Good Growth

Zachary Goldberg

Trilateral Research