Eradicating AI Bias & Building Equal, Diverse and Inclusive World

11:30 - 11:50, 24th of May (Wednesday) 2023/ ARENA STAGE

AI is changing the world, but currently, AI systems are predominantly developed and trained by men, which leads to biased outcomes and reinforces existing inequalities. Gender equality will take nearly 300 years without investment. Globally, women represent only 1 in 3 high-growth and innovation entrepreneurs, and Poland has one of the lowest female startup rates - 1.6%, with the largest gender gap. Stereotypes still limit women entrepreneurs’ access to resources. In Europe, venture-capital-backed tech companies with all-male founding teams receive 93% of the capital invested, while 5% of capital goes to mixed teams, and only 2% to all-female teams. We must remove barriers to tech for women and enable them to create technology that meets their needs. Instant Think seeks to empower women in the field of AI to eradicate bias and promote inclusivity. Let's work together to create a world of equality and inclusion #digitALL.

AI/ML Tech4Good

Nina Szewczak

Instant Think