Changing fundraising landscape and how startups can prepare to incraese chances of success

13:40 - 14:00, 25th of May (Thursday) 2023/ ARENA STAGE

What is the current state of startup funding in Poland, Europe and the US
- amount of money invested
- median valuations (by stage and region)
- median size of the round (by stage and region)

How the near and mid-term future might look like?
- how much of dry powder is in the hands of VCs
- how public capital (including in Poland) determines availability of funding
- how inflation and exits might impact the startup ecosystem

Sharing my 2-year experience of helping startups fundraise pre-seed and seed rounds and closing on average one round per month 
- how to increase your chance of success
- what documents to prepare 
- how to approach investors
- how to approach valuation 
- make success probable
- build credibility
- educate yourself

Startup / VC Growth

Paweł Maj

Warsaw Equity Group