Apache Kafka and HA/DR: A Primer

10:20 - 11:00, 24th of May (Wednesday) 2023/ DEV ARCHITECTURE STAGE

If you’re using Apache Kafka in your company for real-time insights, you know that keeping your data safe and available is critical to your operations. But do you know what your options are for implementing a high-availability, disaster recovery (HA/DR) strategy for your cluster? 

A good HA/DR strategy will increase the reliability of your mission-critical streaming applications by minimizing data loss and downtime during both day-to-day operations and unexpected disaster scenarios. We’ll begin by exploring how Kafka and high-availability go hand-in-hand. We’ll then introduce and dive into a number of HA/DR strategies used across the Kafka ecosystem––such as active-active, active-passive replication, and multi-regional stretched clusters. From there, we’ll discuss the tools needed to implement and automate many of these strategies.

By the end of the session, you’ll know how Kafka works to store your data safely and reliably and how to set your cluster up for success with a solid HA/DR plan.

Basic Advanced Expert
DevOps Kafka Backend

Danica Fine