The 8 worth-watching Infoshare speeches delivered by female experts

The women's side of technology.

08.03.2021, added by Infoshare

Celebrating International Women’s Day we chose a few speeches presented by female developers, experts, and leaders throughout various editions of the Infoshare conference. 

Ines Montani – Practical transfer learning for NLP with spaCy and Prodigy Scale

Ines is a developer specializing in applications for AI technology. She works as a core developer of spaCy, one of the most popular libraries for Natural Language Processing. 

In her talk from Infoshare 2019, Ines is explaining spaCy’s new support for efficient and easy transfer learning and talking now annotation tool - Prodigy Scale works. Valuable content for developers interested in spaCy stuff.

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Natalia Hatalska – A future that doesn't exist

Recognizable trend analyst, founder, and CEO of the future research institute - infuture hatalska foresight institute. Author of the hatalska.com blog considered one of the most influential blogs in Poland and the best-selling book Particles of attraction. 

We had the pleasure to host Natalia Hatalska 7 times at Infoshare’s stage. From her all interesting talks we chose the one about the future and some darker scenarios. Today we can verify these forecasts and add new ones. What might be missing in the future? Is a future like from the Mad Max movie coming?

The speech in Polish.

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Janina Bąk – What amused dead salmon?

Basically, we don’t need to introduce this lady. As she writes about herself: “Comedy Commander at Janinadaily.com. Marketing Presentation Demon. Virtuoso of statistics. She can count, tell stories and talk about counting”. 

In this speech, Janina, recalling the story of a certain neuropsychologist, is wondering how we know whether our data and research results reflect reality well, and whether it is true that statistics are never wrong?

The speech in Polish.

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Pocket Sun – Defining your moonshot in the Millennial Age

At the age of 24, she was on the cover of Forbes Magazine. Pocket Sun is a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and global keynote speaker. As she said in her speech she hated when she was the only female entrepreneur in the room so she founded SoGal, one of the largest global entrepreneurship and venture capital networks for women, and SoGal Ventures (as co-founder), the world’s first millennial venture capital firm to invest in early-stage companies.

Pocket is discussing the situation of women and gender diversity in the world of venture capital. And based on her own story she shares tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur in the Millennial Age. Because you need more than technology.

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Shawna Suckow – FutureTech: The Death of Sales & Marketing?

A futurist, bestselling author, and keynote speaker with some serious knowledge of sales, marketing, and consumer behavior. In 2008 Shawna founded an association of buyers, which now has over 2,500 members across North America.

During her speech at Infoshare 2019, she was talking about how technology dramatically changes the buyers' behavior and what it means for salespeople & marketers. How to adapt the business to stay relevant?


Rachel Milgram – An Investor Perspective on Startup Funding

Rachel is a Business Developer expert, who has vast management experience within technology organizations based in Silicon Valley, Boston, and Israel. Rachel's expertise is in tailoring solutions for investment and business development.

Her speech during Infoshare 2016 is a must-watch for startup founders, investors, and entrepreneurs. Based on her vast experience Rachel talks about among others what investors are looking for in a startup or what are the hottest markets in startup investments. 


Zaynah Bhanji – Solving Global Problems Using Artificial Intelligence 

Zaynah is 17-year-old machine learning and virtual & augmented reality developer. She has been speaking at leading technology conferences globally and she is also a huge advocate of girls and women in technology. She has been recognized as one of Canada's Top 100 Most Powerful Women in 2020.

In this inspiring speech, she is talking about how AI can be implemented in various industries and help Solving real big problems such as poverty, climate change, lack of qualified staff in education or in medicine.

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Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino – Internet of Things: why everyone should care about it?

An interaction designer, product designer, entrepreneur & speaker based in London. She is the founder of the Good Night Lamp, a family of internet-connected lamps for your global friends and family.

During her speech at Infoshare 2016, she is talking about the state of IoT and what's missing in the industry, various types of IoT devices, and their purposes such as home safety or environmental monitoring. You can find out more about products like GPS shoes for Alzheimer's patients or devices for fall protection. 

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