Startup Contest: Semifinalists for 2022 announced!

Who's going to compete for 30,000 EUR in cash?

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Infoshare’s Startup Contest takes place every year (from 2014) during the Infoshare conference, allowing authors of innovative business ideas and startup companies to appear before the members of Infoshare’s community and investors invited by the organizer.


Semifinalists of Startup Contest 2022

This year we received 466 applications from 62 countries but only 20 of them made it to the semifinals. Read on and learn who’s going to compete for 30,000 EUR in cash!


AurisAuris Tech – voice technology for literacy and English language

#Education auris.tech

Using automatic speech recognition developed specifically for reading, Auris Tech is harnessing the power of voice to improve literacy and support English language learning around the world. Starting with Fonetti, an app that actively listens to children in real-time as they read aloud, the UK startup hopes to help children improve their literacy level and practice English. The natural reading data they collect allow educators to select better-targeted resources.


BehavioBehavio Labs – high-impact ads with SaaS research

#Marketing #Adtech behaviolabs.com

Behavio Labs is a Czech startup working on ad concept tests and ad impact tests. After 6 years of perfecting the technology, the startup has now started automating its unique research methodology. The 1.0 version of the B2B SaaS platform Behavio.app will be able to execute tests in 2 days without human involvement with highly detailed results. It will also provide specific insights on what to change in the advertisement to make it more impactful and thus making the salience of the promoted brand higher.


CareTech HumanCareTech Human – automated daily health checks

#Health #Medtech #Wellbeing caretechhuman.com

CareTech Human platform automatically performs health screening checks for multiple urology diseases by monitoring lower urinary tract symptoms. A user receives a device and simply clips it to the toilet bowl. From that moment on, seamlessly integrated into users’ life and normal routine habits.


Ender TuringEnder Turing – sales and customer care elevated with AI

#AI enderturing.com

Ender Turing is an Estonian startup providing call center performance management software to speed up quality control, coach agents, and boost customer satisfaction. With its machine learning based speech recognition solution, the software translates all calls into searchable text, enables automation to review calls, and provides personalized feedback to an agent. The solution already supports 26 languages and there are plans for further development.


Fregata SpaceFregata Space – pollution monitoring from space

#Analytics #BigData fregataspace.com

Fregata Technologies SL is a Spanish startup whose trademark is Fregata Space. It is a technology-based company that has developed an Earth Observation platform to automatically discover pollution in the air and water bodies anywhere in the world by applying proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms (Machine Learning) on multispectral and hyperspectral images coming from different sources such as satellites, drones, airplanes, and cameras.


Gesture to SpeechGesture To Speech – interactive sign language interpreter

#Health #Medtech #Wellbeing gesturetospeech.pl/en

Gesture To Speech is a Polish startup whose greatest motivation is to prevent exclusion by blurring the communication barrier between Deaf and hearing people. Based on image and pattern recognition, the tool they developed allows Deaf people using Polish Sign Language (PJM) to communicate with hearing people without a third party involvement. 


Harventi VisionHarventi Vision – AI-based automatic steering system for interrow cultivators

#Food #Nutrition #Agtech harventi-vision.com

Harventi Vision is a Polish startup focusing on sustainable farming. It produces an automatic steering system for interrow cultivators and weeders, which also analyzes fields in real-time, making space for SaaS field mapping applications. The solution eliminates (completely or significantly) the need to use herbicides in the field, and works in around 40 different crops.


Helgen TechnologiesHelgen Technologies – retrofitting heavy machines into autonomous systems

#Robotics helgen.tech

Helgen Technologies is an Irish startup converting heavy machines into fully autonomous systems. It offers the solution initially for landfill compactors in the waste management sector, but other verticals, such as construction, agriculture, and ports, are being considered. The startup secured receiving seven-figure revenue from a project in the container ports industry and it has secured the launch of 3 pilots in waste management, agriculture, and construction in Ireland and in the US.


IQ WearIQ Wear – AI-supported system for safety and productivity improvement

#AI iqwear.pl

The Polish startup has developed a comprehensive solution to the problem of insufficient supervision in the construction industry. The solution uses a combination of sensors mounted on safety helmet and a data receiver housed in a resistant case that can withstand harsh conditions on the construction site. The AI-based system is designed to improve safety and efficiency. 


la patisserie numeriqueLA PATISSERIE NUMERIQUE – 3D culinary printer for food professionals

#Food #Nutrition #Agtech lapatisserienumerique.com

La Patisserie Numerique (the Digital Patisserie) is a solution that aims to free up time for professionals so they may focus on taste and creativity. Their 3D Printer allows printing any type of shape for any type of cookie dough, without additives. La Patisserie Numerique has been awarded the startup of the year at the 3D Printshow in 2021 and one of the 5 best innovations at Vivatech 2022. The company has closed a seed round of 1.3 M€ in 2021.


MAB RoboticsMAB Robotics – inspection and maintenance solutions for underground environment

#Robotics mabrobotics.pl

The MAB Robotics solution is designed to help inspect and maintain underground infrastructure. The solution's innovation lies in replacing existing wheeled platforms with walking robots. This will allow inspection of currently inaccessible areas, reduce the number of excavations and cut costs. 


NatixNATIX – making cameras smart and GDPR compliant

#Analytics #BigData natix.network

NATIX has developed a patent-pending technology that is the easiest way to make any camera smart and 100% privacy compliant. Its patent turns any camera into a privacy-compliant sensor suitable for public areas. The cameras will collect and process data relevant for customers, which in turn will improve the quality of offered services and security. NATIX Network also maps the globe into tiles, each with a unique intelligent Land NFT, which can be acquired by community members and generate passive
income for them.


NIB biotecNIB biotec – prostate cancer screening with a smart urine test

#Health #Medtech #Wellbeing nibbiotec.com

The Italian startup has developed a solution that revolutionizes prostate cancer screening with smart urine testing, significantly eliminating the need for prostate biopsies. The lateral-flow biosensor by NIB biotec evaluates the presence of two molecules in the urine and assesses a probability of prostate cancer and therefore the need for more in-depth diagnostic tests. The test could probably decentralize mass screening for prostate cancer and partially eliminate the necessity for invasive examinations such as biopsies.


Ottan StudioOttan Studio – building materials developed with food waste

#RealEstate ottanstudio.com

Ottan develops, designs, and produces sustainable bio-composite materials for designers by up-cycling food and agricultural waste. Long-lasting and visually aesthetic Ottan Materials can replace wood, stone, or acrylic solid surfaces in industries such as cladding, furniture, housewares, and more. At the moment, the startup sells and sends samples to every continent. Ottan Studio claims to have more than € 250K orders in line that cannot be realised as it still needs seed investment. The materials produced by the startup are allegedly going to be used for Google’s new HQ in London.


RobeauROBEAU – water solution to measure consumption in real time

#SmartCity #SmartHome robeau.tech/en

Robeau has developed a smart water management solution, which saves water consumption by 20% to 50% of water per year. The solution consists of IoT LoRa sensors, a receiver, and Data Management Application. The product detects all water wastages and leaks and fixes them in real life.


EveryHumanScentronix – customized scent for every human

#CustomerCare everyhuman.com

Scentronix is a Dutch startup that has developed a solution which allows consumers to become perfumers. Its AI-powered platform allows mass customization of fragrance. This is the only platform that integrates creation, real-time regulatory checks, production, distribution, and sales of scent into one vertically integrated system. 


SkyfarerSkyfarer – software to enable large-scale drone operations

#SpaceTech #Aviation skyfarer.co.uk

Skyfarer is the key to unlocking large-scale drone operations on a regional, national and international level. The UK startup has developed a proprietary software system that enables multiple drones to easily and routinely be used at scale for commercial logistics, inspection, and emergency surveillance operations from a centralized location. It has secured approximately £1m in funding from various sources.


SmiletronixSmiletronix – AI-powered intraoral imaging

#Health #Medtech #Wellbeing smiletronix.com

The solution offered by Smiletronix allows for convenient dental check-ups at home for early detection and preventive action. The US startup has built high-accuracy AI models (95%) that are outperforming humans in tests published in independent dental papers. It has also launched a mouth detector to improve the app-only user experience and make it easier to capture photos with a phone. The Smiletronix app has 2500 downloads a month. The startup claims to have established partnerships with dental product companies and to be in active discussion with the number one global toothpaste brand. 


VeridisVeridis – scalable analysis technology for plastic

#CleanTech #Energy veridis.tech

Veridis is a Dutch startup working on a plastic analysis machine that could revolutionize recycled plastic quality control. The solution will give insight into the quality of large-scale plastic recycling. The company also claims to be able to analyze dark plastics, which is currently impossible to do accurately. Thanks to its solutions, Veridis hopes to optimize the recycling industry processes, increase its commercial value and make unusable plastic usable again.


Your Digital SelfYour Digital Self – anonymized email addresses

#Analytics #BigData your-digital-self.com

The tool developed by the German startup can switch user’s real email address with an anonymized alias, which allows accessing all services anonymously. With this solution, users will be informed whenever one of their email addresses is shared. They will also receive information about the companies that know those email addresses and can potentially use them. 


Startup Contest semifinals and final held at Infoshare 2022

The Startup Contest semifinals will be held on October 6 at the Arena Stage at Infoshare 2022, where competing startups will present their solutions to investors, representatives of corporations, VC funds, and CVCs. The top 5 contestants will pitch their startups again in the final of the contest held at the Inspire Stage a day later. They will compete for the main prize of 20,000 EUR in cash. The second-place winner will get 7,000 EUR and the third-place – 3,000 EUR.

The total prize pool of 30,000 EUR is funded by the Mayor of the City of Gdańsk.


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