Some startups change the world! Will you?

The ideas that may improve the way we live are popping up all the time. You need a skill, money and often the support of people with certain knowledge to make them a reality. Learn, how to boost your Tech4good startup!

14.02.2024, added by Laura Kszczanowicz | Infoshare

Can technology change the world for the better? Of course, it can! Get to know Tech4good startups. Explore innovating technology ideas that contribute to the environment and address social issues.

Tech4good startups — visionary solutions in important matters

They are young businesses that have the potential to make the world a better, safer, and healthier place to live. Tech4good startups provide solutions in areas of sustainable development such as fighting poverty, preventing hunger or promoting peace and equality before the law. These goals are part of the United Nation's global plan of action to drive economic prosperity and social well-being while protecting the environment.

Today’s startup creators represent the new generation of business owners who aim to do something important and good. They are young and sensitive individuals who care about the world they will live in and what they will leave for future generations.

Nurturing innovation for a better tomorrow: organizations championing Tech4good startups

"Share what is worthy" — this motto has been accompanying Infoshare from the beginning. That’s why we support innovative startups, focusing on Tech4good. We are driving change, aiding people with technology projects that can contribute to saving the environment and addressing social issues. Together, we are stronger; that's why we collaborate with organizations like Unsung Heroes. What projects they're supporting?

Can you imagine growing cereals indoors? Or maybe you know how to make AI help people to take better care of their health?

Hyrdopolis knows for sure, as well as Shen Health App. The first one is a Polish producer specializing in vertical farms and greenhouses. Their product is designed to reduce water usage significantly, saving up to 95% compared to traditional farming methods. The Shen Health App is an application tailored to measure and monitor vital health indicators for users, including blood pressure, pulse, and stress index. Both of these impactful initiatives are supported by Unsung Heroes. We share similar goals with Infoshare – the collective ambition to make positive changes in the world!

Here is the humanitarian-tech startups landscape created by Unsung Heroes. 

Unsung Heroes is a global network connecting mentors and promising young founders of startups. This international cooperation is focused on one mission, which is stopping hunger, poverty, and injustice by utilizing innovative technologies. They are also conducting incubating programs for selected startups encompassing training, mentoring, and support in establishing cooperation with humanitarian organizations.

Have a look at their tips on how to enhance a startup to increase its impact on the environment and society!

Startup Contest for startups with a mission

Infoshare is an organization supporting the development of new, groundbreaking solutions that prioritize what truly matters. At the Infoshare conference, the most interesting startups can introduce their products to investors. The Startup Contest it's a great opportunity to develop your business and contribute positively to the world.

Gain knowledge and learn from experience of professionals. Infoshare is a treasury of information about technology, business, and marketing that will help your startup grow. Learn how to impress investors using the expertise of specialists from the technology field. Became more and more professional to help make the world better.

Take a part in Startup Contest — use your business to make the world a better place!

Your startup can make a difference, just like the companies described above. Seize the opportunity to showcase your ideas to the world! Is your startup focused on one of the sustainable development goals? Join our contest and let us help make a change in important matters. Meet people from the industry and captivate investors. Utilize the experiences of business leaders and compete for the top prize of 20,000 EUR

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