9 articles about front-end & UX recommended by Vitaly Friedman

Check what co-founder of Smashing Magazine has picked to read for developers and designers.

22.06.2021, added by Infoshare

Vitaly Friedman loves beautiful content and doesn’t like to give in easily. When he is not writing, he’s most probably running front-end & UX workshops in large companies and organizations such as European Parliament, Haufe-Lexware, and others. He loves solving complex UX, front-end, and performance problems.

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Worth-checking articles about front-end web development & UX/UI picked by Vitaly Friedman


How well do you remember git? Git Command Explorer is here to help! Just select what you want to do from the dropdowns, and the tool provides you with the code snippet which you can copy and paste right away. One for the bookmarks.


Tooling.Report runs a suite of build tool tests — configuration files created to specifically handle a feature — and evaluates how well bundlers deal with these particular issues. The configuration files are tested in Browserify, Parcel, Rollup, and Webpack.

A Complete Guide To Accessible Front-End Components

Reliable accessible front-end components: focus styles, content sliders, dark mode, datacharts, date pickers, form styles, navigation menu, modals, radio buttons, “skip” links, SVGs, tabs, tables, toggles, and tooltips.

CSS Container Queries

The prototype of container queries is now available behind a flag in Chrome Canary. Ahmad Shadeed dives deeper into how they work and why to use them. Use cases and examples included.

The Ultimate Guide To Pricing

Pricing is one of the hardest problems startup founders need to solve. Tony Beltramelli shares how he and his team identified the initial price tag for their SaaS startup and how you can too.

A Complete Guide To HTML Email

A thorough guide on everything HTML email, with tools, templates, and guides for designers and developers.

Dynamic CSS Masks

Michelle Barker walks you through creating a spotlight effect where the user’s cursor movement reveals alternative styling thanks to CSS masks, custom properties, and GSAP.

React 2025 Video Course

Lee Robinson shares a free 15+ hours video course that teaches you how to build and deploy a modern Jamstack application using the most popular open-source software.

Container Queries Explainer

Container queries enable developers to style modular components based on their context within a layout. The feature is still in development, but Chrome already released a prototype to tinker with. Miriam Suzanne shares more details.


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