Infoshare: Michael Śliwiński - No Office - work is not a place to go, it’s a thing that you do

How to build your company without building your office?

09.04.2020, added by Infoshare

When now in many companies remote work became a daily basis let’s throwback to inspiring speech, given by Micheal Śliwiński, CEO of Nozbe during Infoshare 2018. Check out the video and description below. 

The point of the presentation was to talk about all the practical aspects of running an all-remote company and why it might not make sense to rent an office space for your company/startup and why by working all-remote you can have a better team:
•    how you can make your team feel more connected... even though they don’t share the same physical space
•    how to run meetings, how to run projects, how to get stuff done together in a “no office” team
•    when meeting in person matters and when it really doesn’t - how to build a company based on trust and not just control
•    why when you’re together you’re wasting time and having only an illusion of control - how to structure communication in your team
•    why a physical office can be an additional tool for your team/company but is not a requirement - why you can hire from anywhere and how it benefits you
•    why you can save money on rent and save time on a commute

+ lots of practical tips of running an all-remote team from a founder of Nozbe, who’s been doing this for the last 11 years + more tips from other companies who’re doing it as well (Automattic, Buffer, MySQL, etc.)






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