The 5 Best Tech Speeches from Infoshare 2019

If you're a developer you definitely need to watch these ones.

19.03.2020, added by Tomasz Pawul

From the very beginning, technology has been the core of Infoshare conference. Every year we offer a couple of different stages dedicated to the most interesting and hottest technology trends. Today I share with you my 5 favorite tech-speeches from 2019’s edition. If you're a developer you definitely need to watch these ones.

1. Venkat Subramaniam – It could be heaven or it could be hell

A must-watch for everyone who has considered becoming a programmer. Nowadays just a few software developers use only one programming language throughout whole their careers. Venkat Subramaniam, who has trained and mentored thousands of software developers, encourages us to take a step forward and learn new skills, as this is a necessity in the rapidly changing world of new technologies. Knowledge of many programming languages can make you a better programmer, of course, if you avoid some traps. Each programming language means different abstracts, patterns, and constructions. This speech shows highs and lows of learning and using multiple programming languages from the perspective of a world-renowned polyglot programmer.


2. Krzysztof Kudryński – Traditional and Deep-Learning-based Vehicle Autonomy

An interesting look into the concept of autonomous car and "human-centered vehicle autonomy". This speech gives you an introduction to location systems, perception of the environment, positioning on the road, identification of other vehicles, route planning and finally,  controlling the vehicle. It's a review of the technologies used and approaches and algorithms. Presented by Krzysztof Kudryński, a designer of engineering solutions for AI and Deep-Learning trainer, with humor and based on his own experience.


3. Venkat Subramaniam – Mixed Paradigm: The Method to Madness

Another Venkat Subramaniam speech appears on this list because it brings a solid dose of information dedicated to programmers. This time he takes a look at the characteristics of each programming language, their possibilities, advantages, and limitations. From this talk, you can also learn more about different approaches and styles. Dr. Subramaniam tells us how to suit an approach and programming language to a specific problem. And he also convinces us that knowledge of many languages broadens the skills of software developers.


4. Paweł Noga – How to join Deep Learning revolution [speech in Polish]

Another buzzword or not, the AI market is fast-paced and growing. Are you interested in starting an adventure with it? If yes, check out this speech by Paweł Noga, Senior AI Software Engineer from Habana. AI, and it’ll tell you what to do. It’s not only an interesting overview of the actual state of and possibilities that Deep Learning can offer, but it also contains many guidelines. What skills should an AI engineer have? And what experience do you already have that could be useful? How can you prepare for an interview? Good inspiration for every tech dev who wants to consider choosing this bold new path.


5. Scott Helme – Crash, Burn, Report

You use it every day doing your dev job, surfing the web. A web browser. It’s interesting to discover, how features in Google Chrome can help application owners or site developers to solve different types of issues with valid certificates or DNS for example. In his talk, Scott Helme tells us more about Reporting API and shows us how to configure the browser to send reports when things go wrong and how to make use of new capabilities. After watching this speech you'll appreciate a browser more.





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