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The first episode is on. The experienced experts talk about social selling on Linkedin

24.06.2020, added by Infoshare

Some time ago in the reality of lockdown and Zoom calls, we had the pleasure to host a very interesting conversation, it became the beginning of our new series. Let us introduce you to the first episode of Infoshare Worthy Talks. To Infoshare Worthy Talks we invite experienced experts who share their knowledge, interviewing each other, and talking about different business fields, marketing, and technology.

Linkedin could be a mine gold for social selling practices. But you have to do it right. Say goodbye to traditional lead generation.

Mick Griffin knows everything about social media selling. You had the chance to watch his talks during Infoshare Conference or Pipeline Summit. His areas of expertise include sales, marketing, and customer success. Now Mick shares his knowledge in conversation with Romeo Man, Digital Marketing Strategist at MAN Digital in the 1st episode of Infoshare Worthly Talks: The sale's sins on LinkedIn. Let's talk about social selling!

How to swim like a shark in the network? How to use social selling (and listening) practices? Check the video below.






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