The 10 most popular speeches on Infoshare Youtube channel

Check out the solid pack of tips and inspiration from influencers and well-known experts.

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How to boost your business? How creators of The Witcher’s game work? And what does the career of software developers look like? This time we throwback and share the most popular talks from our Youtube channel, the speeches from various editions of Infoshare Conference. Check out this TOP10, these videos are a solid pack of tips and inspiration from influencers and well-known experts with Michał Szafrański, David Allen and Michał Sadowski among them.

1. Michał Szafrański: Personal finances and your own business: how to reconcile them? [Infoshare 2016

Like hardly anyone on the Polish side of the Internet Michał Szafrański can tell you how to save money and effectively manage your finances. In recent years the author of popular blog jakoszczedzacpieniadze.pl has been a welcome frequent guest on our stages. In this speech, he speaks to entrepreneurs and advises them on how to avoid debts and plan company and personal budgets with success. Watching the 30-minute speech you will learn 7 golden rules and discover many useful tips and tools.

[speech in Polish]


2. Piotr Konieczny (niebezpiecznik.pl): WannaCry – 250 thousands of victims from 150 countries [Infoshare 2017]

Have you heard about ransomware? You know, it’s not a mess. Let’s go back to 2017 when a large number of cyberattacks using ransomware called WannaCry took place in 150 countries. And it caused infected systems at universities, police, parking meters, car factories, ATMs, railway stations, hospitals. Piotr Konieczny takes a closer look at WannaCry and tells you why you should regularly update your software.

[speech in Polish]


3. Marcin Iwiński (CD Projekt) & Artur Kurasiński (Muse): Lessons learned  [Infoshare 2016]

Before The Witcher hit series on Netflix there was a hit series of games created by Polish development studio CD Project RED. In recent years the company has become a key player in the international game dev community. In this conversation between Artur Kurasiński and Marcin Iwiński, CD Projekt CEO we can get familiar with the backgrounds of releasing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – which was sold in 6 million copies within six weeks after the release. 

[speech in English]


4. David Allen (GettingThingsDone): Productivity gets personal  [Infoshare 2016]

Probably each of us knows what working in crazy-busy mode looks like. How to take control and become a productivity ninja? During Infoshare 2016 we had the pleasure of having David Allen on our stage. He’s the author of the international bestseller, Getting Things Done, which TIME Magazine heralded as “The defining self-help business book of its time." We guess, no additional recommendations are needed. Just watch this inspiring speech.

[speech in English]


5. Michał Sadowski (Brand24): 10 practices accelerating the development of the company [Infoshare 2016]

A must-see for everyone who runs a business or plans to. In his own style, founder & CEO at Brand24 gave a speech, which is praise for self-denial and hard work. Both inspiring and practical with a pack of useful tips and tools (not only Brand24) presented with humor and based on Sadowski own experiences as an entrepreneur. 

[speech in Polish]


6. Michał Szafrański (jakoszczedzacpieniadze.pl): Effective promotion at a low cost [Infoshare 2017]

This time Michał Szafrański talks about implementing a promotion plan for a good product without spending a fortune. Based on a case study – a promotion of his book „Financial ninja” he shows how you can promote your product using low-costed and simple methods.

[speech in Polish]


7. Maciej Aniserowicz (DevTalk): GMD: Getting More Done [Infoshare 2016]

Maciej Aniserowicz is a one-man band and an alive example of productivity. A programmer, trainer, speaker, podcaster… A creator of devstyle.pl blog and devtalk.pl podcast. In his speech he talks more about how he implemented GTD method to his needs. Check his way to getting more done and find out what is called MNOPR.

[speech in Polish]


8. Paweł Tkaczyk (Midea): "Culture eats strategy for breakfast": 9 commandments to create a culture that wins the market [Insfoshare 2016]

Paweł Tkaczyk  - as he says - makes his living by telling stories. He trains startups and other businesses and shares knowledge by writing books ("Branding inside and out” and "Gamification"). In this popular speech, he tells the story of how culture can win over strategy. From lots of examples, we can learn about the culture of pivot and culture shock and get to know why so many startups fail.

[speech in Polish]


9. Włodek Markowicz and Karol Paciorek: 2014 – the year of YouTube in Poland, true or false? [Infoshare 2014]

During Infoshare 2014 two vloggers, the authors of popular vlog Lekko Stronniczy were predicting the future of Youtube and video content. Specialization of program topics, education of viewers, creation of small 'TV stations' run by YT creators... and more. Today we can get back to this speech and see if they were right.

[speech in Polish]


10. Wojciech Seliga: A real software developer career [Infoshare 2013]

And in the end, let’s get back to 2013 in the last speech on our list. Wojciech Seliga, CEO and Co-founder of Spartez has experience in the recruitment of developers and he shares his observations with us. How should you design your future career as a software developer? And what makes your job meaningful?  

[speech in Polish]





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