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Startup Contest is on! You still have some time to apply and win even 20 000 €. Learn why our contestants recommend participating in Infoshare Startup Contest.

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If you are the founder of a seed or early-stage startup working in line with Tech4good ideas, boost your startup at one of the biggest technology conferences. Participate in the Infoshare Startup Contest and take your business to the next level. Discover why it's worth it!

Startup Contest - Let’s Tech4good!

Infoshare Startup Contest is a prestigious competition held within the Infoshare conference, providing an excellent platform for emerging stars in the technological world. It's a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs who are founders of early-stage startups to showcase their innovative ideas to an international audience.

The contest focuses on supporting projects operating in one of the 17 areas of sustainable development (Tech4good). If you are one of the founders of a startup that can positively impact the world, apply now!

Not only attractive prizes await you, but you can also attract the attention of investors and media, subsequently securing funds and accelerating the development of your project. Infoshare Startup Contest brings together creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, creating a space for innovative ideas and future leaders in the technology industry.

Get noticed, draw from the experts, find investors

Paticipating in the Startup Contest is not only an opportunity to compete for the top award of 20,000€ and access to the InCredibles mentoring program for young startups. Every startup founder taking part in the semi-finals of our contest will receive two Startup Passes for the Infoshare conference. What does that mean in practice?

Meeting face to face with potential investors

Infoshare is one of the biggest conferences gathering a crowd of investors. Get ready and showcase your product in the best way you can. You will also have the chance to get in touch with investors, who can provide you with funds to improve your startup.

“You can arrange meetings in the app of Infoshare, so we had a full schedule of people interested in our work, who wants to invest in our company”

Mateusz Gielata, Genotic

Matchmaking is the great tool for finding investors, other startups or potential partners. The Infoshare app enables you to manage your meeting schedule, ensuring you don't lose a minute of valuable time during which you can establish business connections.

“We initiated several partnerships aligning a health care providers and technology collaborators, which was crucial for our project and expand our market reach”

Dan Matsui, Caretech Human — watch the full interview

Getting the attention of the media

If you are looking for partners for your project, Infoshare is the best place to find people who think similarly to you. Get to know ambitious, professional, and interesting individuals, but that’s just the beginning. There will be plenty of media representatives that would like to learn more about your solution. Make valuable connections for your business.

“For startups, there are no so many places when you can get the attention of enterprises, media and the local market. For every startup that wants to enter the Polish market, Infoshare is a great event and the great contest to get attention. They generate great news to share and use for your outreach, for social media, etc. It's a huge impact and value for startups.”

Olena Iosifova, Ender Turing — watch the full interview

At the conference, you can meet not only investors. Infoshare gathers a lot of people from startups, business, technology, and marketing fields. You have all the specialists you need to develop your company in one place, and, what is equally important, the media can write about your business and technologies leveraged by you. Make use of it and promote your solution with their support. Let people talk about you.

Publicity can help you not only in securing funds for development, but is also a great idea to advertise your services among potential clients. It's a fantastic opportunity to expand your business into new markets.

Sharing knowledge and ideas

The Startup Contest is a wonderful opportunity to meet outstanding people who can share their view on your ideas. Infoshare brings together many individuals eager to share valuable insights in the technology business.

“I think it was amazing to interact with attendees. What I really enjoyed it was sort of the energy of the people, who were coming up to us (...) There was a really supportive environment”

Zuzanna Kosobudzka, ex-cofounder of upLYFT - watch the full interview

Attendees are in fact professionals with different professional backgrounds. Participants work with technology on a daily basis and come to the Infoshare to learn and share their knowledge. You can rely on people who have experience and knowledge of supporting startups. Infoshare Startup Contest is about endorsing good ideas, so take advantage of it.

How to attend to Startup Contest?

There is no time to lose! Participate in the biggest technological conference in CEE. Showcase your Tech4good startup to the world, build business connections, and stand a chance to win the prize! How to do this?

  • no later than 01 March: register your startup and submit your application
  • no later than 10 April: check our semi-finals announcement
  • 22 May: Present your project in front of international investors. Qualify for the finale!
  • 23 May: Make a presentation and respond to questions of the investors and experts. Win the top prize! 

Are you ready to showcase your startup to the world and contribute to positive environmental change? Let’s do it together! Share with us, what’s worthy during the Startup Contest.

Apply now!





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