We started building Infoshare 12 years ago,
making it the biggest tech conference in Central and Eastern Europe.



Have you ever wondered what it takes to organize Infoshare – the biggest tech conference in CEE? Who is behind the scenes getting things done on time and at the best quality? Back in 2007 it was only 4 people, the co-founders, and now?

Meet our team – a group of experienced specialists devoted to the concept of Infoshare. Every day we come up with new ideas to make the next editions even better.

You can reach us anytime you need. We would love to know your opinion on Infoshare and to answer your questions.

Grzegorz Borowski

Co-Founder & CEO

Visionary and mastermind - researching, negotiating, impossible to irritate.

Tomasz Pawul

Co-Founder & COO

Last hope event producer – in the hottest few weeks before the event above all.

Agnieszka Meller

Head of Startup Relations

Startup Gardener – always looking for THIS special thing that can make startups grow faster.

Martyna Grzegorczyk

Senior Event Manager

The ultimate manager of event production, design & creation - in charge 24/7.

Patrycja Zacharzewska

Event Manager

Builds speakers' best impression of the event, always smiling.

Ewa Kowalewska


Finance guard - checking all the expenses and keeping all the books together.

Tomasz Józwowicz

Head of Partner Relations

Sales guru – a passionate motorcyclist, arrives on time and place for every meeting.

Adam Bonus

Marketing Specialist

The tailor of gentle advertising. Cuts the words like the viewers want them to see.

Kamil Balda

Web Developer

I'm the person who gets excited about things that no one else cares about. JS Rocks!

Adam Smolarczyk

Event Manager

Venue warrior who can bear everything using his animal stamina. Likes sweets and running.

Agata Reclaf-Ropel

Graphic & Animation Designer

Visual creator. Photography enthusiast. Cares about color and shape in every part of the event impression.

Marta Supeł

Customer Happiness Specialist

Ambitious, optimistic and ready to help in any case. Customer support is priority.

Jarosław Jerry Gilewicz

Digital Marketing Manager

Passionate about digital communication.
Sci-fi series freak and homebrewing lover.

Krzysztof Figas

Event Specialist

When he is not doing things he loves to do even more things! In every corner of the world.

Marta Startek

Customer Happiness Specialist

Solving problems and looking for answers are my scopes of activity

Karolina Taramas

Event Manager

She brings peace to the chaos. Solution oriented, focused on achieving goals, the best team player.

Wojciech Giżowski

Startup Project Manager

Network specialist and expert in the field of digital health.

Diana Białobłocka-Błachnicka

Legal Counsel

In my childhood I wanted to be a superwomen, today I solve super-cases


Andrzej Kiesz


Top-class perfectionist - always upholding the quality of our actions, especially in IT.

Marcin Pokojski


Networking specjalist - boosting the power of human relations, always positive.