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Zuzanna Stańska

Zuzanna Stańska


Zuzanna Stanska - founder at Moiseum (www.moiseum.com), creative consultancy/software house for museums and cultural institutions based in Warsaw, founded in 2012. As art history graduate of University of Warsaw she is fascinated by the mobile world and all the opportunities it brings to museums to connect with their audiences. She is also founder of DailyArt, popular iOS and Android app serving one piece of art with a short story every day, organizer at museum event called Dzien Wolnej Sztuki and meetups for museum professionals called Metamuzeum. Blackbox Connect Female Founders Alumni, Young Creative Entrepreneur Awards winner, mentioned on a list of "New Europe Top 100 Challengers created by Visegard Fund, Google, Financial Times and Respublica.

Past Presentations

Geek Girls Carrots Block [EN]

11:00 - 13:00, 12th of June (Friday) 2015/ STARTUP STAGE