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Tiit Paananen

Tiit Paananen


Tiit joined Skype on 2005 as test director after 10 years in leading companies in Software Development and Engineering Operations roles in Estonia and Baltics. In Skype he was responsible for Software Quality Engineering and testing for 6 years. Last 2 years as General Manager of Skype Estonia he coordinated also Engineering L&D, onboarding and community mgmt globally for Skype. Tiit is active member of vibrant ICT community in Estonia and member of the board in Estonian IT and Telecommunications Association focusing on education and workforce and head of IT academy steering committee. IT academy is joint program between Tallinn Technical University and Tartu University ICT faculties to up-level ICT education quality in Estonia. Tiit is also a skydiver, pilot and he owns Põhjala brewery - fastest growing microbrewery in Estonia. Today Tiit runs UAV Factory, manufacturer of low altitude, long endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Latvia. 

Past Presentations

Skype culture that outlived 3 acquisitions [EN]

10:00 - 10:30, 11th of June (Thursday) 2015/ MAIN STAGE