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Piotr Turek

Piotr Turek


As a Principal Engineer/Architect and Team Lead at DreamLab - an IT hub of Ringier Axel Springer, Piotr is designing and building data-driven products for millions of people, aiming to solve business problems and extract value out of vast quantities of data. In doing so, he touches all layers of modern Software & Big Data stack. He loves to have a direct impact on the Big Picture, which made him develop an interest in Software Architecture, Domain-Driven Design and Distributed Systems. Also, he hates buzzwords. Ends up utilizing many of them anyway. Previously in various capacity at Google, CERN and Zendesk.


Past Presentations

Theory vs reality: How to build a personalisation platform for 30M users and not go bust in the process

11:10 - 11:40, 08th of May (Wednesday) 2019/ DataTech
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