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Krzysztof Kanawka

Krzysztof Kanawka

Blue Dot Solutions

Krzysztof Kanawka (KK), Ph.D. DIC, serves as CEO at Blue Dot Solutions - Polish company active in the space sector. This company focuses on the development of applications based on satellite data, mainly GNSS (positioning) and EO (Earth Observation). In addition, Blue Dot Solutions is active in the topic of supporting other technological startups in entering their markets. This is done via the "Space3ac" (https://www.space3.ac/) accelerator, which combines needs from large industries and capabilities of technological startups. 

Krzysztof has a MSc degree (double diploma - AGH Krakow and Fachhochschule Muenster) in Biomaterials and Composites and a PhD degree in Fuel Cells, achieved at Imperial College London. After PhD studies, Krzysztof has done two year post-doctoral research project at the Universite of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvellines in the topic of sustainable urban development.


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