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Alejandro Saucedo

Alejandro Saucedo

Engineering Director at Seldon

Alejandro's speeches will help you cover a set of practical end-to-end examples showcasing the machine learning phases of training, deploying and monitoring a model and provide key insights on the core MLOps concepts.

Alejandro is the Director of Machine Learning Engineering at Seldon Technologies, where he leads large scale projects implementing open source and enterprise infrastructure for Machine Learning Orchestration and Explainability. Alejandro is also the Chief Scientist at the Institute for Ethical AI & Machine Learning, where he leads the development of industry standards on machine learning bias, adversarial attacks and differential privacy.

With over 10 years of software development experience, Alejandro has held technical leadership positions across hyper-growth scale-ups and has delivered multi-national projects with top tier investment banks, magic circle law-firms and global insurance companies. He has a strong track record building cross-functional departments of software engineers from scratch, and leading the delivery of large-scale machine learning systems across the financial, insurance, legal, transport, manufacturing and construction sectors (in Europe, US and Latin America).


Past Presentations

The State of Production AI & Machine Learning in 2020

10:55 - 11:25, 28th of September (Monday) 2020/ DEVTRENDS STAGE

AI DataTech DeepTech DevTrends ML/DL DataPrivacy DataPrivacy

Industrial data and machine learning pipelines

15:10 - 15:50, 8th of May (Wednesday) 2019/ DataTech
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