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Accelerated development of Big Data apps on Trusted Analytics Platform

10:00 - 13:00, 18th of May (Wednesday) 2016/ WORKSHOP STAGE #1

during this workshop, presenters are going to introduce participants into Trusted Analytics Platform which is an open source platform for building Big Data and Machine Learning applications. The platform is meant to easy co-operation between Data Scientists, Application Developers and Business Analytics - all of them working in the world of huge data.
The workshop is going to consist of two parts.

Part I - Trusted Analytics Platform Overview: in first part of the training we will deliver generic information about Trusted Analytics Platform (TAP) architectural components, major technologies constituting fundamentals of the platform and how they address the goals of the platform.

Part II - Application development & deployment on TAP: as another step in the workshop we will get familiar with developing and deploying applications on TAP. We will write sample application in Java that will process data stored on HDFS. A focus will be placed on how to get access to Hadoop components and configure, deploy and scale application on TAP.