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From product to sales - 7 simple rules that will change your mindset

16:40 - 16:55, 14th of September (Monday) 2020/ 3RD QUARTERFINAL

1. The product should aim for a budget that already exists

It’s easier to sell innovation in the market where Companies (B2B sales) or People (B2C sales) have already allocated budget. It might sound obvious, but I’ve seen a lot of startups that fail because of that. Convincing clients to change the allocation of the budget is extremely hard and rarely goes beyond early adopters. That’s why businesses like AirBnB or Travelist (accommodation budget), Tesla (travel/car budget), RTB platforms (Ad budget) grow fast.

2. Encourage  abuse

Yes, that’s right. Your SaaS product should encourage abuse. This approach helps to prove the value of the platform to the users and you can grow rapidly your user base, reduce churn and upsell clients for the growth in usage. Even if you increase the price, the clients will see the value that they are getting from the tool they are using.

3. The bigger the client the more they pay per unit

Instead of lowering the price per unit for bulk sales, consider raising it. This is exactly what companies like Hubspot, Salesforce and many others do. And more…

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Tom Winter