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Smart assistants - challenges in building a new generation of application

11:25 - 11:45, 29th of September (Tuesday) 2020/ DEVTRENDS STAGE

How the new technologies changes the form we communicate with the customers ? What is the next step after push to mobile trend ? Do we will continue to fight for the customer focus on mobile app ? What if there is no screen? What are the new challenges regarding new type of applications and way of new form of communication supported by Artificial Intelligence? Ranging from brand related issues, such as defining voice identity (non visual identity), through selecting use cases that fit into a common conversation, technological aspects such as the brain behind such a system (NLU), and the unexpected questions related to testing and analytics. We will try to answer for all the questions based on our experience and will show how the new generation of app might look within the bank.

#Mobile #AI

Tomasz Ćwik

BNP Paribas

Marek Stefaniak

BNP Paribas