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Consumer IoT versus industrial IoT – towards scalable solutions

16:10 - 16:30, 28th of September (Monday) 2020/ INSPIRE STAGE

The presentation deep-dives into the world of Consumer IoT (CIoT) versus Industrial IoT (IIoT). CIoT addresses the end-users, whereas IIoT focuses on production for enterprises and factories, in the B2B segment. It is crucial for start-ups to capture these differences in order to penetrate the right market. While CIoT revolves around retail to individuals and households, IIoT seeks for substantial improvements in productivity and efficiency on existing automated industrial systems. It requires scalable solutions for manufacturing plants and expensive assets. The speech will provide guidelines for CIoT and IIoT start-ups to better understand the challenges of the market, and allows adaption to further manufacturing requirements.

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Thomas Waldmann