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Adam Kawa

Adam Kawa


Adam became a fan of Big Data after implementing his first Hadoop job in 2010. Since then he has been working with Big Data at Spotify (where he had proudly operated one of the largest and fastest-growing Hadoop clusters in Europe), Truecaller, ICM UW and Cloudera Training Partner. 3 years ago, he co-founded GetInData - a company that helps its customers to become data-driven and builds innovative Big Data solutions. Adam is also co-organizer of Warsaw Hadoop User Group and a frequent speaker at major Big Data conferences and meetups.


Past Presentations

How current megatrends are changing the Big Data landscape and what it means to us

13:50 - 14:30, 8th of May (Wednesday) 2019/ DataTech
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Bigdata Trends DataTech Tech

Assisting millions of active users in real-time

13:00 - 13:50, 22nd of May (Tuesday) 2018/ TECH PLUS I STAGE
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DevOps ML ITarchitecture Bigdata